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Blue Dream Gummy Bears

Blue Dream Gummy Bears 1 large pkg. Blueberry Jell-O Mix 1 cup Concord grape juice 1/2 cup honey ( infused or not) 1/4 cup canna-oil (Blue Dream Strain) 4 packets gelatin 1/2 cup Grape juice A dash of cornstarch to dust Directions 1. Combine the Jell-O and 1 cup juice […]

Dear Diary: Life’ Could Be Worse…

Dear diary, It’s getting cold, and the leaves are almost off the trees, snow in the forecast. With the crows of the roosters getting louder it seems through the echoing of the landscape. often finding myself struggling this time of year emotionally  but it isn’t so bad. That’s win! The […]

Tosca Who? Part 2

Empty,  unsure of how to feel as closing the laptop was my only option, stunned almost shaking. I didn’t know how to reply, as there’s still another chance I could prove to her worthy. Being so obsessed to prove what? Thinking to myself  “why do I need to prove anything […]

Woman Sheds 80 Pounds….

Woman sheds nearly 80 pounds with simple diet, exercise changes Emphasis on wholesome food that’s as natural and as unprocessed as possible By SARAH DEETH/Examiner Staff Writer May 31/ 2011 Mitzi Young used to weigh almost 200 pounds. She used to smoke and drink. Not thinking about what she ate […]


It has been abit over 2.75 years since my weight loss journey began, with the last 10 months being pure dedication, sacrifice and commitment. I have entered myself into two challenges. One being “Off the Couch”which I have finished and waiting the results, as well as “2010 Eat-Clean Body Transformation […]

Magazine Article All American EFX 2012

Mitzi Young Written by Robyn Balliet Mitzi Young Transformations can be just as much psychological as they are physical, and usually when one goes through one, there are pivotal occurrences which trigger this life-altering movement. I am happy to share with readers my next interview with a woman who not […]

Tosca Who? Part 1

My heart was pounding and I couldn’t stop running. I felt the euphoria of the thing people call it the runners high. There is something extremely gratifying, sexual and rewarding taking your body to the next level. Gone are the days of endless hours looking at 17 magazine, wishing I […]

The Story Of Nelson

I couldn’t focus on what was going on behind me, the muffled noises from chit chatter, to general noise preparing for a summer birthday party with a hundred people in attendance. AIl I wanted to do is listen to the band and enjoy the company, I look around me, seeing […]