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Before I write what I call is my Most Honest Take on Life: My Crazy Journey ..Getting to Where I am “Right Now”. I totally feel the need to make sure I write a Disclaimer. Don’t Ask! lol. Seeing Life differently now taking Cannabis for therapeutic and medicinal purposes.  This Blog is not about “Getting High” Although Fun .. I want to be the Classy Lady people who know me “Know I am” and those who look up to me as someone they always wanted to be. Alive… Free Spirit… Heart of Gold Kinda Person… I won’t stoop to any level to bring garbage to gain an unneeded audience.

LADY EDIBLE: A Craft Edible Experience is all Non- Fiction. All Material posted from Lady E. is all Real events, stories, experiences. They all are My Story: Told in a creative Way known as Cannabis. All Meme material is original and used for humour purposes only.. ( true events) shhhhh!

If you asked me a year ago today: Do you think you will be starting a Blog, Crafting Cannabis in ways no one has ever gone to the lengths ( that I know of) self-medicating for 9 of the months in 2017: Discreetly from everyone, including those who know me personally and those closest to me. Getting a Green Card, Making Memes and Making People Laugh Til they cry? Honestly, this IS was the furthermost thing away from my Bucket List or even future dreams…. maybe this is my “Grand Finale” The True Silver Lining of my Life!! and I couldn’t feel more euphoric..liberated and full of life..

Until .. with everything… What goes Around comes around. As you will come to learn, honestly is always the best policy.. And even with what my Mother taught me. No one is perfect. Boy , I have learned some valuable lessons this year and I will tell “All”

If Someone also told me I would be in Chronic Pain, I would also tell them ” They are Nuts” Until years of minor injuries compounding into ONE major one,  my right foot.

Currently waiting for more diagnostic testing, after begging in a Province where I shouldn’t really have too. I pay for it through my taxes and income. I have been suffering for far too long. Disability;  is a word being thrown around by all my doctors and that scares me. Yet: it is one of the reasons why I am here writing.


The Reality of It Is… I have been under the radar for far too long. It is almost time, situating my details of my ” Master Plan”, as I learned everyone needs one if they have an idea so worthy of sharing. Totally a motion worth investing my time in and it truly will be a pay in forward a circle of life movement I hope. Meaning We All Benefit!





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Welcome To My Story

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A Craft Edible Experience

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