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As humans ,  we often like to compare ourselves to other people. We as humans like to see where people are with their relationships, career status, money and success. When happiness turns to jealousy is when your life can become impacted negatively. I have seen it first hand.

I have watched “What Could Have Been ” amazing friendships fail, I watched friends divorce from their loved ones , I have watched struggles and triumphs. Recently an old friend said to me ” I don’t understand how some people just struggle with everything, I mean EVERYTHING; those people are good and bad people, She went on to say, “Your such an amazing person, whom never has been selfish, heart of gold person. Yet; your whole life: Has been a struggle. Why is That? I question that everyday of my life.

I never once sat down and wished my role here on earth was different. Every single one of my struggles has led me to as strong as I am today. Strong enough to start a blog and to write about it. I’ve always just wanted to survive ; get through the day ; get through the week; sometimes get through the month. That sometimes was all I had. I’ve never lost faith of why.. I love life. There’s been moments I’ve questioned my existence.


Comparison can be where darkness looms. I know when I start to compare myself to the visions around me, social media on the outside, status and success. I have tried to never compare my journey to anyone else’s.. thou as creatures of nature we tend to  go there in the depths of despair to understand. Why the world chose me. ? Why Not Me?

I have skills, talents, education and a heart of gold. Maybe my story may change the way people see mental health, maybe my story may change the way people see Cannabis?

I am terrified to tell my story.



It is when I was at my knees I found purpose.

Stay Happy

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Welcome To My Story

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