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Every morning I wake up, the first thing I like to do is reflect In the day that I’ve been given.  How Will I make it through the day achieving everything I want ?  It is impossible to concur all at once. What people don’t realize is Peace  and Healing doesn’t happen at once;  almost a process that takes time.  When you start;  people don’t realize,  you can’t truly make other people happy if you’re not happy yourself..

I’ve watched so many people pretend to be happy over the years and it’s a real shame when you only have one life to live..

I’ve come to learn the last 10 months ramping up my efforts to make someone’s life that much more better makes me that much more of a better person. In turn makes other people want to be better people.

What a gift you can give if you can put a smile on someone’s face or make someone feel their worth living. People need to learn  and Believe that they have skills and talents to offer.

We are all connected in some Which Way or Another and the more we reach out to help our neighbors are to help our coworkers are to help someone in need the greater your life will be.
Changing One Life. Can start to change Everything … don’t forget that.

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