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It’s weird,  How it seems to have taken 40 years to realize that Life has seemed  to almost be a set of doors. Around every corner you’re given a choice, A,B or C. How we know which door to pick? That is when Anxiety can rear its head. Each Door will take you somewhere and that location may bring a level of consciousness that make scare the living shit right out of you.  The route we chose will ultimately mold us into who we are today. If you find yourself confused and you don’t know what door to open? Take a moment to breathe, this is important. We as humans live in a fast paced world where society demands immediate reaction or response.  It is ok, to stop and take your time. Learning Self-Reflection is something worth investing sometime in. Before us are so many doors that we become so distracted by the noise around us, that we can’t focus on what is behind each and every one of those doors.




Faced is a series of consequences,  or it could be like a game of snakes and ladders where you roll the dice and you just take 7 steps; But if you land on the wrong Square,  your standing over the trapdoor of like you open that door and someone else is running the switchboard.  Never allow that trapdoor or others disapproval during your Life journey.

"Thank you for your opinion."


Clearly at that moment, you know that that door was clearly not yours to go through, it was NOT meant to be. With that comes Acceptance and move on to the next door.  I have found in life given my circumstances,  I’ve been blessed to be able to have opened doors that have led me to fulfillment but I did go through some pretty dangerous and scary doors.  I realized , it was in those dark times,  I found strength to get through those tunnels. Even if your crawling , don’t stop.  The Right Door Will Come Along.

It Will Then, All Make Sense. Just Don’t Give Up!!





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