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Who is Lady Edible: updated

Hi my name is Mitzi , I’m a 40 year old mom of two children married for 18 years together for almost 22. We’ve had our ups and downs, our highs and lows, But ultimately the journey has led me here. We live on the Canadian Shield on a beautiful 22 acre parcel., we made our dream come true. We make maple sryup, raise chickens and we enjoy the easy peaceful farm life. For 9 years I’ve raised many different types of chickens and I find them a form of therapy. I utilize these feathered friend’s also in my career. I started selling poultry a few years ago and I started to spend some good money investing in some rare birds that I’ve always dreamt of having unfortunately; without going into any details I broke my biosecurity rules I ended up with a sick bird from another Farm which in turn has led my farm closed.

I still have 20 birds that I love and have had for up to those nine years and I will not kill them because of my stupidity. They are my pets and I will take care of them until they go.
I’m an animal lover I have owned two dogs two cats two birds 1 rat and one angora rabbit. I still have one. One dog and my rabbit left and I will again cherish them till the day they go.
You will learn more about my upbringing in the chapters of my blog. I don’t have parents or grandparents I neither have a father or mother in law which at my age is a hard reality to accept at times.

I have an amazing career in the community ,taking care of seniors in the last years of their lives. It has been the best career path ,I’ve ever embarked on. I get to make seniors smile, laugh, feel loved and witness true sincerity. Before I embarked on a therapeutic roll. I worked the front lines washing laundry and being a PSW; those years I loved as well because they helped me become the person I am today.

When I really needed to survive the only choice I had was to become a cake decorator in 1997 and I work as a cake decorator moving myself up into doing elaborate wedding cakes and candy making. I loved being able to be creative and be a part of someone’s special occasion; Who knew I had those set of skills.
I left that career not because I didn’t love it anymore. It didnt provide me with the income to grow. If I wanted to make my dreams come true I had to give up something I love for something else. Funny, how it seems life is going full circle. And in the chapters of the blog so much we’ll make sense and you will be able to connect some of my writing with some of the events in my life.

My resume is quite detailed I’ve been working since I was 16 trying to get by day by day, week by week, month by month ,until my husband and I were able to say we did it with no one’s help. No parents, no luck, just hard work. My resume includes stepping on stage rocking a fitness body? leadership awards and making a difference in the community.

At the moment ..  I am back to work temporarily working full-time and my foot is undergoing pain management therapy,  A foot Doctor Who was doing a chiropractic move on my foot for seven months wasn’t doing any good for it. Through the chapters of my book you’ll come to learn that I’ve been blessed with so many bizarre events leading me to panic attacks and unnecessary anxiety. If you read chapter 1 you will understand So much more of why I started writing. When I was off for seven months with my foot injuryWhich has  so much more of why I started writing. When I was off for seven months with my foot injhey it allowed me the clurage to put together a Facebook page and some recipes that I learned during my secret self-medicating months. All of this was not part of the master plan. But in the process I wanted to send a strong message regarding suicide prevention, mental health/mental illness and living with a genetically inherited disease I guess you can call it. I’m not ashamed as I am beyond a great human who thinks of others before myself. In those 7 months I woke up in more ways than one, self awareness.

I’ve always been a passionate, sincere compassionate human being and an enthusiastic individual all my life. I lost that spark so many years ago, 8 years to be exact. Been a long time since I felt alive; wanting to do something before I die that I can be proud of. Telling my story, will not only help others suffering in silence but will allow me to spread my message.

I started helping people who are suicidal and those who are depressed to see if it would help them, and it did. Then I tried those who came to me for pain, and to see if it helped, and it did. I can’t believe How many people it has benefited, I want to help people in legally make And sell infused honey, and natural products. I have a plan, but as I said in December I want to do it right. And for all those people who’ve had an opportunity to try it the feedback has been phenomenal.

One thing about me is when I put my mind to something amazing,l tend to ingite a power within me that no one can stop. The heart guides the way and my soul screams for more. Therefore I listen.

Welcome to my story.



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Welcome To My Story

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