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Chapter 3: The Trip Part 1

As the panic settled, shaking stopped and the chemicals left my system I was able to process the fuck went on to get me here. The trip, that changed everything.

Its days later and I can still feel the exhaustion of the trip. My skin was a beautiful brown tone and I was covered in bites. They are still itchy and the puss has stopped. No one else was suffering from any of the grief I was, although they were trying to have a good trip regardless of the nightmares we encountered. Everyone was disappointed in the outcome of a what was supposed to be a totally amazing vacation in everyway. We made the best of it and I have some amazing memories with amazing friends.



This would be our 3rd trip south, we aren’t new to the culture and accommodations in Cuba. We had already stayed at 2 resorts years prior that had lower ratings and not to above average accommodations.  We have mingled with the locals, danced to the beat of the Cuban drum, ate their food with grace and even shit the bed the first year to Bella Costa. That’s a different story.  This trip was due to be different. As after years of an amazing friendship with Krista, I wanted her and her family to join us for sun, sand and drinks. It was one of those grab the deal while you can kinda deal. The hotel pictures and reviews were amazing which had me excited and totally ready to embark on a fun,  new level of vacation awesomeness. Boy, was there a Big surprize waiting for me, for us.


What others don’t know yet about me is all my life,  I have had to struggle to get to where I am, to where we can afford to take our kids away for a Family trip. Where we can teach them about the world, culture and manners while away. Appreciation is something we also instil into our children.  Therefore all my life as things keep going sour I tend to get frustrated and anxious. When does it all end?

It was the night before and we had arrived at the park and fly. We had a long day and we knew the flight would be early and getting up at 3 am comes quick. The room is overcharged for the crap you sleep in but I guess the saying you get what you pay for is sometimes accurate. The kids went for a cold swim as we all had a celebration cold beer.

Arriving in Cuba is always fun, I had eaten the last of the cookies in the washroom at the airport at 5 am or so.  The last one I brought with me the day before. I was tired but I was excited to enjoy the warm sun on my white winter  kissed face. I had a brilliant idea to get a set of walkie- talkies to communicate with each other such it was going to be a larger resort and being of different places at spontaneous times may come in handy. Our bags were flagged, Great! Our bags had already been placed someone where and after we were the last ones standing. We had no choice but to notify someone that our other bags had either been picked up accidently or? I was starting to worry of course as this seems to always be part of our lives.

We were searched beyond, I was surprized we didn’t get the glove and finger up the bum. My friend Krista was yelling that bus was about to leave and Cuban authorities were taking their time interrogating us to why we were bringing communication devices. Note to Self: Don’t ever to do this!! After panic, we got on the bus and off we went. 2hours on a bus and beers are cold…


It was your typical resort, palm trees , the smell of sea air, cheap presume and sun tan lotion. The tourists are hanging out in the lobby, some drinking mimosas , some drinking their morning cappuccino and some enjoying peace before embarking on an adventure that awaits them. I love adventure, my soul soars for it and I embrace it each and every time.

We arrived at our room, it was a hike from the main area. topping 240 pounds I honestly knew my knees were going to have a hard time but Fuck it, I am away from the stress of Ontario and home as we know it. No phones, no gaming systems no noise. Awe, I have arrived in paradise. Experiences are worth every penny, I suggest if you want to spend some money in your life for whatever reason. Invest in an experience. You are living for a reason. That reason is to experience everything it has to offer. Memories are priceless.

Opening to the door to 114.  It was below average accommodations from what I was used to in the past. The mold was thick throughout the room and it was obvious. The tv was on the fritz ( i love music), the phone didn’t work, the bathroom was gross and the tap was hanging by a thread but who cares right? exactly. We embarked to the Welcome meeting and started out trip. The food was terrible here, but  again who cares. I didn’t come to talk on the phone, watch tv or eat really. I came to relax and bask in the sun, sounds and culture of the south. I drank more than my share of booze the week we were there but what Canadian doesn’t right? I know all of them and that’s ok.



I was in the vaping stages of my nicotine withdrawal period. almost a 20 year tackle of this addiction. What a fucking thing, that is. Wow, I never realized how strong you need to be. I have an addictive personality so giving up on something I started in grade 9 wasn’t going to be easy, as I enjoyed it. I did though, through my self help and cannabis journey. I am  the only one that can change me. Repeat this, you are the only one that can change you.  No doctor, specialist, psychologist or psychiatric person is going to fill my blood with chemicals and head with bullshit. I had a lifetime of poking and punching. Anyway, my friends husband was taking the odd secret vape off it as well. Trying to keep the kids from seeing it, trying to stay a little classy. My Hubby didn’t realize that he was taking it the odd time. It really wasn’t something I thought to mention. We were down at the Beach Party and everyone was out and about. Brian was keeping an eye on my purse as he knew I was out dancing and it was being watched by others as well. Well, he got extremely pissed off at what happened. He had gone into my purse and took a few vapes off it. Between so much miscommunication, the situation became very sour. Although apologies were made. I have come to learn one thing about travelling. Only if they “know” each other and their personalities it spells disaster. It did cross my mind as I know they both are two totally different men; neither of them wrong. It added to an uncomfortable remainder of the trip.


We went snorkeling, ate lobster and swam with the dolphins, we danced all night, skinny dipped, well I did. A cat even stole my wallet, on camera and ran with it as my white naked body got into some clothes. Thank god sometimes for alcohol because it sure can take the edge of a weird situation. It had nothing to do with our company , It was already Day 3 and I was tired of the emotional journey so far as we learned our lower patio door was broken and it couldn’t be opened. The last thing you want to do is bust something that is already busted, I’m sure they would throw you in jail.  The toilet had a mind of its own and it wouldn’t flush usually after someone or two had a couple big shits in toilet through the nighttime. Well the room smelt sometimes like an outhouse. One night I got up to have a pee, and I didn’t turn the light on at the time. I sat on a large cold crunchy object which still makes me shake when I think how gross that was. I jumped up and it was a cockroach. Yuk, I hate beetles and large bugs with tentacles.  I was now pissed off as my friends had zero issues what so ever. Ya I was jealous, holy shit I was the stressed out , I was tired, over weight, the one person in the world and I needed a vacation more than anyone at that resort was me. Everything was gone wrong, going bad and getting worse. I had to sleep on this cot that we needed as the 4 of us were larger at the time and couldn’t all fit on the two twin size beds we had, I was starting to get bites on my body and my body alone. No one was experiencing the same reaction.

I was tired,  my feet started to get sores and blisters by the 5th day as the key swipe cards that you have to get into your rooms started deactivating the first day. See, when the key deactivates I had to walk all the way back to the room , sometimes 2 or 3 times a day and even after I had a new key. It happened approximately  22 times over a 7 day period. I asked many times to have it looked at and fixed to stop the problem. It was reported, written down and I was ensured it would be fixed. My anxiety had never really bothered me the way it does today. I was upset, I was getting to the point every time I went to talk to the Air Canada Guy, he was never around or with other tourists and poof gone like Where’s Waldo.

It was one the last night there and I as totally exhausted by everything. I may had consumed more sun, rum and salt in 5 days but boy nothing had prepared me for the night I was about to embark on. Brian and I had been already arguing about the amount of beer I had been consuming and the kids were getting concerned. For me, It was my way of dealing with the constant disappointment I encounter in my life.


We were at dinner and the tears had started to roll, the thing I have learned with PANIC, for me it starts with somber tears that effortlessly drop from the eyes as the snow is melting in the spring. I put my sunglasses on in hopes it would go away. The waitress was a bitch, the menu was all wrong and kids were confused. She spoke no English as most of them had pretended to do over the trip. I know they can speak English and I know Cubans know who tips and maybe who they can get jump on the back of. I have witnessed it first hand. This clearly made my mood that much more upsetting as the trip was a let down.

I stood up, walked away. I ended up on the beach. I cried pretty good. I was done. I wanted to go home. I felt totally left to fend for ourselves and it backfired. The room key deactivated for one more time and I was wanting to enjoy the last night in Cuba. It was late and I did all I could to keep my high hopes in tact as I was pissed off inside for nothing but a string off bad luck, misfortune, ignorant Spanish workers and a resort who didn’t give a shit about us. The room from hell we called it. We thought we would take advantage of the early evening/night bbq as the resort stated there would be fruit, biscuits, and food we can stock up on as we would have no breakfast in the morning. We had to leave extremely early and there was nothing for us to eat. We arrived.. and Guess What there was no There were about a dozen tourists standing there as a worker laughed behind the fryer. There was no food to eat.?!?   I was fuming. I was about to tell them how pissed off i was. I ended back at the room where I was blessed with the news that our safe was broken… … I had to go back to the lobby? Again? Where I was looked at over 2 dozen worthy complaints and no one helped? That is when I blacked out.



here is the link to my complaint.


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