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We all have a spot in the house where family gather and you spend most of your time. I call it the Hub of the House, the kitchen. In all our homes, we have been lucky to have an island where you can sit and eat, do homework or celebrate food and a special occasion.

The kitchen is a celebration of food, fun and community. It is where mostof our best times have been captured. From baking banana bread, board games and smoke alarm signals from burnt food. Its a room that needs to be welcoming and fits within your lifestyle. I love kitchens, when I enter another’s home, I love to see their kitchen, ALWAYS!



Most parties end up in the kitchen.. even if you aren’t eating food it seems like the kitchen is the go to spot, When we purchased our dream home here on 22 acres we knew we would have to change a few minor things. After 3 years, we really haven’t changed anything, except the kids bathroom. That will be discussed on a later Blog.

Cannabis has allowed my creativeness to flow again after so many years of severe depression. I can see outside the box again, I always had the ability to see things others cant. Cannabis heightens those awesome features in me.

My daughter and I were going into Home Hardware Store to pick up one or two items on the way home. I always love to walk around and picture what my home may look like in other colours, textures of cabinets. K.K as we call her, came out of the pantry area and said “Mom, I wish our house had a pantry” Yeah, I do too, I said. Off we went.

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That evening, I was standing at the island, I was in the self medicating phase at that time and no one knew. At home, is when I pay with it. Strains, etc to see what works and what doesn’t.

I had an amazing strain that evening. Durban Poison. I had now learned a little about dosing and  I was using a coconut oil, down the hatch. puke,. but my hair was shiny and I was happy for the first time in a long time.  Poof. it hit me like I ton of bricks. My heart was beating and I said “OMG, my silly walkin- closet, I never really had that much stuff anyway. I am not your typical girl, who needs a walkin closet. We can turn that into a pantry. That’s it, it was one of my Cannabis Creative Moments I call them. There was a way to create this amazing space. It will be not only a favorite in the home but one that people can also enjoy when here. The door is yet to be done in a black distress chalk paint in future, as time permits.



20170812_104211It is like the movie, Limitless. I have taken a new natural product that hasn’t yet totally been proven in all areas but Hey, its working Right? My brain is working normally again. It was the coolest thing ever, I was hooked. It was large enough to host a smaller, typical closet. It will be brought ahead and framed off to allow a new space to be made on the other side.  It would have a new access point right toff the dining room. What a perfect idea. It was going to be my 40th birthday present from my husband. I was so excited. I was going to adopt his old closet on the other side, it it much bigger than the one we created. We are blessed to have the space we have. The pantry adds a unique Farmhouse feeling. We love it.

During my transition into Cannabis instead of chemicals to treat my anxiety and ailments, I became interested in vintage, farmhouse antiques and whimsical items I went to auction sales to find. Here is the collection , I was able to put together on a budget. From Old Medelta Crocks, Vintage Milk Bottles and farmhouse finds, it is a space worthy of a photo opp. This space is used more than more spaces in the house, and for good cause. It houses, everything to make homemade bread, cannabis treats and good ol’canned goods.

This space will be a reminder that anything is possible when it comes to decorating and rearranging your map to make your thumbprint exactly how you want it.




I hope you enjoy the pantry as much as I do. I cant wait to share more rooms and ideas with you all. In the meantime.

Stay Happy.

Lady E.


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