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Almost Over: My Medical Update!


“Discrimination” “Lack of Compassion ” and No one giving a Shit…Really!

Lets go back to June 22, after an altercation in the paving stones at the base of the deck outback, I have went over on the right ankle which of course lucky me it was the first day of my first holiday at home. Great, now with a sprained ankle I was unable to go to Niagara Falls with the family and enjoy the family time we look forward to every year. Being the 4th sprain in 2 years, PS. I am only part-time and limited to what benefits I am able to collect for short term. Plan B.. Hung out at home. That’s ok, I made the most of it.  Went back to work with a not so good ankle injury a week later.  I am tough.. and I do what I have learned to do all my  life was to never give up…keep going.



Next ,  Jump to a warm sunny September morning,I was just about to enjoy my 5 days off I rightfully worked for and earned to relax and enjoy everything you love. 22 acres of crisp leaves to walk through, looking for deer sign. The smell in the air is different, change of the season is a magical experience if you stop long enough to taste it on your tongue.  We have a visitor over, one of my favorite people, of course with my 2nd favorite hound, Dexter. He really is a male . long legs and not really knowing what to do with himself. He is a Doberman, but I don’t think he fits into the profile of your typical, breed. So here I am in my jammies at about 10 am throwing the stick. Not dangerous, right? That is why we have Dogs, we play with them. Dexter decided to plow , like right under me and of course landed over on my right ankle again. Same thing, ice .. rest.. .elevate… you know the drill. Days later… I went back to work with a not so good ankle injury a week later. I spent about 200.00 on products to help (Band-Aids)  I am tough.. and I do what I have learned to do all my life was to never give up…keep going. Sound familiar?








Fast Forward to Sept 30th, the evening of. I was heading out to watch a local boxer fight. Someone whom came to me at one time looking for help, the years I was in the spotlight at Golds Gym. That night I didn’t drink a whole lot, I have some edibles (ps edibles and alcohol) do not mix. This is why edibles are illegal for sale or production by the Canadian Government at the moment and will be some a year or two. I was still quite tender in my ankle and I was feeling no pain. I was walking slower and chose to forgo the heels. It was 1:30 am and we were walking back to my friend’s home. The other girls were 2 blocks quicker, I can really hurting. Dancing, walking and exhaustion…I’m not 20 anymore. I had enough. I can remember our conversation so clearly. It was such an impacting moment. We were giggling about me being so slow, I was limping; we were holding hands and she said “Hurry Up,” I laughed and said “I can’t walk any faster,” I was looking at her as we were leaving the sidewalk. I can remember the curb being on a gradient , of course I went down, hard! I yelled “Don’t fucking touch me” I was in sooooooo much pain. It wasn’t her fault. I knew at that moment. That moment, my ankle may never be the same.


The first few days in October, The  day I went to my doctor he really looked at me like he didn’t have a clue what to do of course I’m an advocate for my own health and I explained what has happened and I’ve already been to his office with sprained ankle’s in the past. He decided to order me an Air cast but prior to this blow to my ankle I have been experiencing plantar faciatis type symptoms already. I have decided to go see a foot specialist, I went to see him after ordering a $200 Air cast he told me the Air cast is not going to fix my problem and he was happy to see me.

They could barely touch my foot but over the course of a three-month. They will be able to get me to some sort of stabilization. it doesn’t take long for $2000 to rack up with foot therapy laser therapy and a pair a $500 orthotics. It helped, though I had said “Maybe we are treating a secondary condition” it made sense.
In the meantime, they referred me an orthopaedic surgeon to take a look at my foot. After 10 weeks I was able to get into see him and I’m first visit I said “boy am I ever excited to see you” and he said “why is that” and I said well it’s been 2 1/2 months and I really haven’t had any luck with my ankle. He said it was a 6 week wait to see him? so clearly someone was slow on the referral.  We chatted about my medications and me about being a legal marijuana patient, we also discussed the panic attacks that started in April which really had nothing to do with my ankle in the first place but he was the one asking the questions. Later, in a Letter I hope to Upload, he mocked me and my anxiety stating ” I will never return to regular life again or my career” EXCUSE ME??? I explained to him the pain I was feeling and what was happening to my foot and my ankle he was happy to order an MRI.   I begged him to do my ankle and my foot not just the foot, I was tired of being bounced from person to person. Find me someone to help, or even listen. Since it was the ankle that’s been spraying over six times in the last 2 years. He wasn’t very helpful I felt he was quite ignorant as he told me I was “one of those people” as I looked at him and I said well “what do you mean” he said well you’re “disabled” I think I went into shock because I remember saying to him how can you label me disabled without the proper diagnostic testing. He confirmed with me that he would order the testing and I can tell he wanted me out of his office. As I headed down the hall to the secretary; I handed her some paperwork and I asked her if she could have that filled out and she rudely said “No, we don’t do paperwork here.” If someone is disabled then, who does their paperwork then, if Doctor makes that claim. He has not returned any calls or follow-up to date.

Fast forward to the day of my MRI I posted that journey on the page I enjoyed some butterscotch edibles well I waited my hours to have the testing done that I longed. I asked the lady if my ankle was included in the MRI as I had a strange feeling that the doctor wasn’t going to order it. Her reply to me was I can only do what the doctor ordered and she shut the door. A few weeks later I called my doctor’s office to find out about the testing and of course it had been sitting there for days and then someone got back to me I ended up having an on-call doctor read the results of my MRI over the phone. The results show the issues with the cuboid bone in the lateral column but there is no mention of the ankle or anything about the ankle joint or what’s going on so I knew I had to do some more investigation. Lo and behold I called a few days later and the secretary said that she would’ve been covered but she never really confirmed it with me so again I had to go back to the foot specialist who has been treating my foot and I asked his assistant if she can look into to see if my ankle was covered and it wasn’t.

Again I’m back to square one it’s been three months my benefits were running out and I was told by the government I was going to have to quit my job just to get a little bit of extra money from the government to help me just until my ankle got better. Thank God I have some good people in my corner because after another panic attack I was able to find someone to listen to me. Once I knew my career can wait and I wasn’t going to be forced to quit it just to get 12 weeks or 24 weeks of unemployment that would mess up my whole life, everything I’ve worked everything for. I spend my life nurturing seniors in their final years , days and hours of their life. I just want to get back to life. The day my doctor secretary told me I wasn’t the only patient in the room when the fox she was supposed to send didn’t get sent, I told her I come back by the end of the day and pick up the paperwork. I walked into the waiting room and there is nobody there, I was the only patient in the room. Her back was towards me and she didn’t know I was standing there as her other co-worker did it was quietly tapping on a computer, looking at me knowing I was the girl earlier been told I was not the only patient in the room. I stood there for sometime, felt like minutes, listening to the gossiping of a vacation. I really was ready to say something, but I know sometimes an expression does wonders. She handed me the paperwork and I left quietly.

I knew it was going to take something drastic so I got my ducks in a row, and I put in a formal complaint at the medical centre speaking to them in a straighter about all the BS I have had to go through just to get a proper MRI of the area that is damaged and to see what we can do to get me back to life in some sort of Quality I need to survive.
It took drastic measures to help my doctor personally call me and apologize for everything that’s going on in my pleas to have my ankle tested, ignored by his secretary every phone call has led me to feel alone in the medical field, a number,  a piece of paper shuffled from one pile to another. I am out of patience. I am abiding citizen and I treat people with respect, love, and dignity and all I expect is maybe a bit of that in return.
I’m sitting here by the fire with a cup of infused Chaga, I’m watching my Angora rabbit dance around my toes in the snow falling from the sky knowing that tonight I need to drive an hour to go get the proper testing that I longed for six months ago, task that I rightfully deserved as a citizen of Ontario.


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