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I often try to wonder what the purpose of the stamps on my passport to my heart is, the majority of them have been lessons , hard lessons , sometimes too young to understand what the lesson is. I feel as humans, we must be born with an instinct for survival or some of us anyway as my instinct has been so strong my entire life. From the depths of hell, to the stages in a sparkly bikini to walking across a graduation stage 3 times to shake hands with someone and be passed a piece of diploma . I come to learn one thing about education and all my schooling that I paid for. approximately a total of $35,000 in education that I’ paid for!! that education in many ways has been a blessing, I learned at the grassroots level how to build a community of people, although sincerity and compassion run through my blood like cbd , one thing I’ve always made sure of it doesn’t matter what I’ve given in my life to people. It’s how I made them feel is what they will remember me for. Someone will forget I was a leader, educator

, most inspiration employee at Golds Gym, someone’s hero on a day to hell or maybe a homeless person’s angel that day bringing food, for comfort. All of that will be forgotten but as creatures of habit we long for love we long for the holy spirit and when somebody gives it to us we never forget it. I have gone into lives and they have never known me but when I leave the room most times there are left wondering who sent them.I would say that is perseverance a humanity type of way. There’s been times I was ready to wave the white flag it was even purchased. Surrendering has never been part of my vocabulary, how can you persevere all your life to dance to render when you’ve come so far. It’s at instinct, that I was born with. It’s no different that a country singer singing about his life and everybody looks up to him, it’s no different then a role model hosting a TV show spreading love and cheer, or the homeless man smiling at the strangers passing by. We were blessed with Perseverance to Succeed. All we can do is wake up, know that the world is ours for the taking, along the way if we can change some lives for the better perseverance wins.

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