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Addictions Part 1.

There so much miss conception between the use of Cannabis, on a recreation and therapeutic level. I am a guinea pig for human experiment’s, a role model for secret self-destruction, I have also tested the limits of my own ability to function in a normal world or within a world of confusion. Brain waves tediously  jumping from one thought to another all my life. Coming  to believe substance-abuse boils down to the individual; yet where do we find individualized care in this world? Any substance natural or synthetic that alters the mind or the body can be abused. But it also on the other hand can be therapeutic. Too much of a good thing can also have negative effects. All substances that cause a therapeutic effect such as nicotine or alcohol can have a negative impact on one’s health “if abused” I have seen firsthand the negative impact on nicotine, alcohol and cannabis to my mind and body. I’ll start with my first addiction. My parents will smoked when I was young I could remember hanging out the back window of a big green car with no seatbelt and cigarette smoke flying through the air because back then the laws are so different. My mom’s friend the” Duffy’s” I played with their daughter shortly for a short time,assuming because we were stealing cigarettes and money from her mothers purse and then went to the corner store and tried to bribe Mrs. Franko , telling her we were buying them for her mom. She was smarter than that and called Heather’s mom and make sure and of course we were caught in a lie. I think I have my mouth washed out with soap or something but I continue to smoke cigarettes and the neighbours dog house luring the kids next door to join me. I knew I was in big trouble, my parents knew I was lying because my bangs for fried across the top from trying to light a cigarette.

I don’t think much happened between that time and high school. As I remember walking from McDonald’s to the grade 9 dance where I have my first menthol cigarette with another girl from another school. And that was the start of a lifelong fight against nicotine. Over the course of the last two decades it was an on and off battle. I think any past, present or hopefully not future smoker  would relate to the struggle of having to quit. 2017 brought a whole new Lady. I just thought one more time. I promised my daughter, I would never smoke cigarettes again. She was starting to worry about me as well as she knows , it is a bad thing to do. So to try to kick the habit one more time,  after someone introducing me to the newest craze of vaping. Lets go for it, I have already tried everything from gum, patches, fake cigarettes, Wellbutrin and of course mints, carrot sticks and rubbing satin. Why the heck not?  I bought one and it was the start of a really good road. still vaping on the trip to Cuba which caused stress, it was working and at the same time, something was happening in my brain. It wasn’t long after that when I became self-medicating 24 hours a day on cannabis to treat the panic /anxiety attacks that started during the trip ain 2017 and many attacks following. My pleas to Air Canada and the resort turned up nothing.



Cannabis started to change the way my brain worked. Many amazing things were happening and changing within me because of it. Equipped with a will to survive in a will to forever change the way I see the world it was a recipe for success. Oddly enough I speak of my brain as a loaf of bread, I said to the Cannabis Dr/Specialist in Toronto these exact words “The right combination of THC and CBD acts as a filler in the brain that has holes punched in it. But you’re my brain a small loaf of bread, though the recipe has changed because the genetic profile is different. So this loaf of bread that is rising over the critical years ,getting holes “scars” punched in it from what she sees ,hears and feels. Some good but some quite bad. No young brain can understand mental health, depression, suicide and divorce at young age, understand substance-abuse, anger or violence. Nor I believe at that age any child should there should be a safe healthy home they can grow and thrive in.  If a child’s environment is unstable on a regular basis ; that child is more susceptible to going down the road that can be destructive and unhealthy.

Once I was able to get the right treatment for my dysfunctional brain as I like to call it, my will for survival was stronger than ever. The Cannabis was allowing the symptoms of nicotine addiction were gone. Gone like the wind, I threw my vape after breaking about 3 of them from dropping and carelessness. I was freed of that feeling now for almost a year. I feel amazing. Cannabis, a will to succeed.pexels-photo-285173.jpeg

One addiction down, now Wine. The Cork that Blew.
Next Week. Stay Happy











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