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Pink: The Beautiful Trauma Adventure

I’m not sure if it’s the loud music, the electric fighting energy in the air or in the drums of adrenaline racing through the walls. Maybe its the sparkle of our earrings in the lights in the stadium or that us friends are ready to experience an epic evening? Music has always found a way to reach me in ways, nothing else has. Deep to the soul, deep in thought and reaching answers kind of therapy. Music has a way of allowing me to deal with my lifelong built up emotions whether it’s good or bad. I can remember as young years old and music always played in the car, vibrated the walls in the house in every room the speaker can go in. I love all genres of music from Daryl Hall to John Oates, The Nitty-Gritty Dirt Band, Kenny Chesney to every world vibe going. . Over the years there’s been certain bands that made a mark in my life in pink is one of them. I can remember listening to pink when her first hit song came out. A brand new artist emerging, and who will sell out shows around the world throughout her whole career. A concert I’m blessed to be able to be able to afford to go and take a special 40-year-old with me.

Pink also known as Alicia was born in September and is a Libra, I don’t know much about her life or her upbringing but I know she’s an activist in having a voice, not being afraid to be who you are, and to live with exhaust so great you need to share it with other people.
After my full panic anxiety attack in Cuba in April,  taking a stand on who I am and what I need to be 100% happy,  my dad needed to be removed with no connection to me. He hasn’t seen any of us over four years, just over social media pages thousands of miles away. Finally, making realize who was the adult in this messed up book I write. Pink came out with a hit song “what about us”. The day I heard the song I was driving to work. I actually was having a good morning and all of a sudden the floodgates opened and tears are strolling down my face, almost as if I drove into a storm in the rain was falling so hard that I had to pull over until it was able to be safe for me to drive again . It was such an impacting moment : I actually felt like my diaphragm was a set of elastic bands being played like guitar strings, I started to sweat , my heart started to race , almost It seemed at the time a panic attacks was imminent. I was about to have an attack but it was different, it wasn’t a panic attack at all. A total awakening happened on HWY 36, i lit a one hit and was mesmerized in the words she sang. Holy Shit, she was singing to me… I knew then what else I needed to do. Thank You, P!NK for that!


This electric surge of energy was not an anxiety or panic attack it was a different feeling I haven’t felt before. Maybe it was an awakening or maybe it’s true you could be hit by lightning. I spent five minutes in a trance envisioning everything. It wasn’t just the traumatic moments going through my mind of my upbringing or recent events unravelling, amazing memories but they were too short stolen from me far too young.
I wish that day my stereo had a rewind button so I could rewind that song and listen to it again and again because I felt stronger after listening to it. Every time I heard that song over the course of a few short months I felt like I was healing, music I already knew was therapeutic.
it wasn’t shortly after that song came out Krista had said to me let’s get a girls trip to go see pink in Toronto, of course I had left thank all my life and listen to most of her self in albums I was OK with spending some money. Experiences can never be taken away from you. If you put yourself in that experience you will allow your brain to remember it forever. That plan didn’t go through as tickets are a bit pricey in the group of girls run in the position to spend that money as we have other plans this year to celebrate the arrival of our 40th birthdays. Well the time went on and I started to listen to pinks new album beautiful trauma, it was around the time I started the blog. Pinks new song gave me the strength to except everything. I started to write about it when her second song beautiful trauma came out. It was again another feeling of awakening and strength to talk about my secrets. So I purchased her album and listen to it faithfully. P!NK is 38 years old and she’s a Libra I don’t know much about her. But I’ll tell you this. I swear the God it feels like her album was made for me. If I was a songwriter making beautiful music and writing and singing about my life I would probably do almost the exact same thing as    P!NK did. I was hysterically excited after the songs Barbie’s, Secrets, Wild Hearts to name a few.

So I have this awesome, crazy idea that I get a couple tickets and give them away to celebrate the arrival of my story I am writing. Allow someone like minded ( i hope) to enjoy an experience by winning. I quickly change my mind as I want people to know my story before I do something personal like that I want them to know who I am and why I do what I do. They will have a better appreciation for mental health and then enjoy a time of their life with probably a like-minded individual making another amazing memory in the book of helping the needy.
It didn’t take long for me to realize holy shit it’s my closest friends 40th birthday and I wanted her to experience this with me because it’s a momentous Occasion. It just made sense.
It’s normal for me when I get excited I want to have a cigarette or a beer but I was driving to the train station so I bought myself a couple “fake” beers to enjoy if needed.  Crazy how the saying goes mind over matter is so true, i had one at that was perfect. When we got to the train station and hour later I decided to enjoy myself the honey that I making a Tim Hortons coffee on the way down to the union station and so did my friend. Believe it or not I think I’m turning her away from alcohol and experiencing the benefits of cannabis. I smoked a joint in the parking lot because I can and I was excited. So off we went to Toronto, I had the train times mixed up (of course) and the train was leaving in one minute so we ran to catch the express which we missed within seconds as we stood at the train pressing the door button to get in it pulled away. So we thought we go back in and people watch for a half an hour and of course we enjoyed ourselves as we always do.

Well we’re on the train and Krista has never been on the go train before so I thought that was kind of cool so we celebrated with some Caramel Chia bars that I made infused with cannabis, along with my honey I brag about over at L.E. We laughed and giggled on the way there and talked about life as we always do it’s a perfect time to catch up, as life gets busy when you’re a mom with children who have extra curricular activities. That’s why I believe people should do things and get away from the monotonous of life because it’s your ability to just relax and let the brain digest some love and laughter. We arrived at union station in plenty enough time to walk around we won’t really sure what we are doing because we are kind of feeling good at the time, with my outgoing personality I have I’m not afraid to talk to anybody so this girl looks like she was going to a pink concert so I tapped on the shoulder got her attention and I asked her about the trains because we wanted to make sure we got back and it missed the train and then having to hitchhike for a couple hours just doesn’t seem like a fun idea to me. Yeah that one time I would be crazy enough to do it. She had these odd orange and boots so that’s how I was able to pick her out in the crowd at the concert because I now knew where she was sitting. So off we went looking for a place to sit down and maybe just enjoy a little bite to eat before the concert just some downtime as I like to call it well of course we were very lucky and finding a restaurant but a lady had told us about the long goes restaurant in the basement of union station, she went on to say that you can get a pizza and then there a place you can either have a beer or a coffee and hang out and eat your pizza so we thought hey that sounds pretty cool that’s so off we went. As we went down the escalator Krista pointed out is that the girl you were just talking to on the train and of course I looked at her boots and lo and behold it was a girl. We have a chocolate was almost like we were following them everywhere we went in Long goes there she was. But we found this awesome corner where the stone fireplace or pizza oven was there a nice-looking boys making pizzas for the customers we stood there cause it it only felt like we were in another world it was interesting just a different culture I guess living in a big city. I like us to pick the pizza as it was her special night and off we went three bucks you can’t go wrong. We found this cozy little corner where we can eat our pizza and have a bottle of water I didn’t want to have a drink as I know the tolerance level between cannabis and alcohol in from years of abusing it I had a life I needed to get back safely.


As we made our way to the Air Canada Centre, 5 feet in front of us there was the group of girls in my information girl orange UGG boots girl, why didn’t I get her name how strange but there she was again we had centre about seven times before the concert. Usually when pressed and I get together we always call it it’s all part of the experience and I she’s gotten to know me it usually happens with me because of the oddness that follows me and it’s not a bad thing. It has become something that’s quite comical and actually to the point where I will write about most of these, times. I thought to myself or polished off the last of the weed I had to smoke. I couldn’t believe there is a guy trying to sell tickets and he was hammered out of his mind and he look like he just crawled out of bed and had to have a shower for two years I just don’t understand how someone like that I can have scalper tickets but I don’t judge. I just know I would be buying from that guy. So I took in the experience fully. I felt blessed enough to be in a place with someone I loved and who knows my story and taking another awesome memory.
See you start to get nervous when we went in line because I have a couple one hitters in a smell proof case if I carry with me at all times as I feel like if I’m ready to take a panic attack I’m ready. It’s not much it’s not even anything a cop would shake their head that but I have my “card “with me too. well they had a metal detecting gun and I thought holy shit what is the do it on me and find my one hitter and then I can’t get into the concert so of course I started to getting Anxiety. Most of this is all new to me and I’m trying to find a balance that’s why I find edibles and honey easy because it just takes the edge off.

Well in we went and off to find our seats I come to learn when you’re with friends you really should put your cell phone away unless you need it to check a message. There’s nothing worse than going out with someone and having that person more interested in hairstyles Facebook or anything else they find amusing while they wait for a concert. Why not put your phone in your purse and turn to your friend next to you and have a meaningful conversation instead of ignoring everybody. But that’s the society were growing up in and it concerns me greatly. So of course and there’s been confusion because there’s people sitting in seats that don’t belong to them so we got to sit down and watch a funny show spill out around us. Everybody finally got settled in their own seats, I just don’t understand it why people can’t just sit in the seats that they bought. Well then I turned to my left and it was almost someone that reminded me of myself when I was drunk at a concert. I almost was embarrassed watching her, going on about the seats that she bought and how crappy they were, then to how expensive the beers were in people better drink them you know those kind of people. I always find alcohol can bring out the worst in people, I’m sure her friends just wanted to enjoy the show and they didn’t really care about where they were sitting and if they did then they have missed the point of life and the true meaning of it. I enjoyed the show with no alcohol and it was awesome to be able to remember everything about it. I think there comes a time in your life we’re getting hammered to the point of no return is a thing of the past.

Of course the show was amazing and every song was were screaming at the top of your lungs. It was a perfect night from start to finish, the go train was amazing going back and we played with her cell phone as mine was dead. Snapchat seems to have some fun pictures, just cause you’re 40 doesn’t mean you can’t be young at heart. And getting home at 2 o’clock in the morning on a Wednesday morning is not something I do very often, ever really. Getting up early before 8 am has never been one of my favorite things. The getting lunches made, books together and the kids ready for school , having things to do isn’t fun when you’re not tired from adrenaline. I stood outside and listened to the helicopter go over the house. I always say a prayer when it does, you never know.

I walked into some flowers  in the kitchen for me and the wonderful message from my husband who doesn’t understand the importance of memories and experiences. Something I have been doing long before he fell in love with yours truly. I believe he must have felt bad from he immature comments.  I don’t mind making my point, I learned to not be scared to speak up this year. The only thing,I don’t understand about men, is why they just don’t like P!NK anyway?!


Until next time , Stay Happy


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