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Wanda, The Story of kindness

It’s my favourite time of the year, for some reason I find the fall very euphoric in every which way. The crisp breeze on my face, and you can taste the season on your tongue. I’ve always been obsessed with fire, candles, flame and the calming effects it brings.
It was no different on a September night  sitting around the campfire, making Smore’s and reminiscing about how fast the summer went. My husband still didn’t know that I was self-medicating with cannabis for about six months already. Learning that alcohol and cannabis do not mix, for me especially: when you’re using cannabis for medicinal purposes. He had gone in to get himself a beer, I was fine sipping on my club soda and my cookie that I mastered in the kitchen eaten an hour earlier, it had kicked in by then.  When we normally sit by the campfire either alone or with friends it would be rare for me to open up my cell phone and scroll through Facebook as being outside by the fire is extremely therapeutic to me in more ways than one. That night was different, I’m glad I opened my phone.

On the buy and sell group, was a girl who had a face shape very similar to mine, her eyes look sad in her profile photo. Yet, she was smiling and her plea looking for someone to go in and pamper her mom by giving her a pedicure while she was in the palliative care unit at the hospital with on going cancer treatments, as she fight for her life. I think I stopped for a minute, I felt extremely weird almost as if I hear her cries for help. My phone opened, as I watched people tag other people, who charge for their services as it notifies them that there is an opportunity to make some money. For me it has nothing to do with money, people deserve sincerety and compassion! Some people come into our lives and we treat them as if they’re ourown mother, father, sister we are need to stop and treat others better. In the comment I made to her, as I said “I will come in and do your mom’s pedicure for free,” I will not only rub her feet but I rubbed her legs and I’ll make sure that they come out better than any other service . I will also find out what her favourite dessert is and I’ll make it for her from scratch I’ll bring her some fresh brewed Chaga,  a pair of brand new pyjamas she could get into so maybe hang up the blue tattered hospital down. I went on to say if you can’t find anybody?  look me up, as I will be willing and ready at any time to make sure that her mom,can see good in the world before she leaves it. I’ve never spoken about my acts of kindness until now because most of them are under confidentiality. This allows you to give her a glimpse into my life and who I am and why I do what I do. This wasn’t providing her with the service and walking away for getting Wanda existed, I was providing an experience between the two of us I would forever hold a memory in my heart.

I believe there is hundreds of likes and hearts on my comment which had her call me and make arrangements for me to go to her momma. I never had that opportunity and sometimes God works in mysterious ways and puts us in the path of lives that can shed some light during dark times. I was honoured to do so.
We have made arrangements for September 11 and I was in the parking lot of the hospital, I was nervous as this type of humanitarian work was something new to me yet It wasn’t. This time there is a deeper meaning behind of it, a message that will be shared every chance I can. Love, we need more love.
I was excited that day earlier I going to the mall and picked up everything I needed from the bath and bodyworks for care collection and again I felt like a kid in a candy store because all I could think about was making her day. It was fun shopping for someone who I didn’t know, everything we take for granted in life. When we have her sit down and think about other people, honestly think about it when is the last time you’ve done something for someone? And then you step the bar even higher to make even more of an impact? I’ve been setting a very good example for a very long time and I do what I do in hopes that it will spark some interest in other people to not be so selfish in this world we live in. When none of us are thinking we are all thinking alike, I said as I was
so nervous, I grabbed my bags to go up to the palliative care unit, and do what I said I would do, something else this world lacks.. Commitment!  as I walked up to her door, peaking in and she was laying there, knowing she wasn’t very old, to see this was heart wrenching. I didn’t know Wanda, but for some peaceful reason,starting to cry she turned to look at me and I probably looked like a sobbing baby. As I wipe the tears from my eyes because I can feel sadness. I told her who I was and where I worked and I wasn’t a crazy lady. I broke the ice and we both giggled , I handed her the flowers to open , showering with blind love and noting but true sincerity . She was taken back by the small tokens of cheeriness.


I brought for her. As my only hope was she would remember this time, as we know cancer can and will be unpredictable. I never heard of ambrosia salad before but it was her favourite and I made it from scratch the night before , again it’s the simple pleasures in life we forget.
She had a visitor come in while I was doing her feet, and I understand how time can be precious: we are living on borrowed time and of course I wanted her to enjoy the company.
When I left that day, I think my heart grew a little bigger. I stayed in contact with her daughter periodically and when I found out her mom had a few days left does the cancer came back, I went into see her and meet her daughter.
This is my opportunity to close the loop and say goodbye although it was short it was another impacting moment in my journey. There’s nothing more better than looking in the eyes of someone who understood what compassion is really about.


Rest in Peace Wanda ❤️ You Blessed My Life!


Nicole, you will always be in my heart! Thank You for allowing me to show my light with others especially your precious Mom, Wanda. XO

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