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When I was young and I used cannabis recreationally and of course illegally, I preferred that over drinking alcohol beverages, intoxicating episodes and blacking out? Was that fun? No… but with someone like myself is can be dangerous and it proved me right. Drinking all sorts of different alcoholic beverages over the course of my life, it is widely accepted and one of the major causes of death in North America. Those living with any mood disorder can live a healthy vibrant life, I have been but wearing a mask for 40 years; scared of being shunned, thrown away or misread. Choosing to benefit from the cannabinoids of the cannabis plant to treat ailments such as clinical depression, anxiety, S.A.D disorder as well as a possible manic depressive diagnosed although yet not diagnosed but treated. My luck with doctors and specialists hasn’t been a fun adventure, trust me. The story goes, if it can happen to someone it will be me. I gave up drinking, failed fad diet/pills and obsessing over everything I couldn’t change and decided to take a stand on my health. It was the best decision I have made, besides quitting smoking and all the dangerous behaviors.


The CBD in the cannabis plant helps drastically with a small dose of THC. I know I cant take over the counter pills and nor I want too. Yuck! Who wants 3 pages of side effects, ding, ding, ding I experienced many of those scary ones. Cannabis may not be for everyone but neither is opioids, alcohol and other additive behaviors. In the course of the last 16 months my life has improved drastically due to Cannabis, self-help, mental health education with the help of doctor in Toronto, Ontario. Opening up about it to help break the stigma attached would be something up my alley, going for it meant I can help. I want to help! I have been doing humanitarian work since 2001, As I explained to the doctors in my past appointments and ask as a filler to the miss firing sometimes of the brain and how my thought patterns are. I’ve had trouble sleeping on my life as my brain can’t turn off and cannabis allows my brain to focus on rest opposed to 1 million other things that I have no control over. Alcohol and cannabis is a recipe for disaster for me so I have chosen to give up alcohol and take care of myself and instead avoid opioids to mask things in my brain that can cause crying panic attacks unnecessary anxiety I’m allowed to be on a level playing field and it feels good. I never understood how someone could fall asleep in less than 3 minutes, how bizarre. That would be a dream come true for this lady.

What’s wrong with this picture is I married to someone whom continues to make me feel shunned and shamed because of his biased and uneducated opinion about medicinal marijuana? Over the last 7 months , many opportunities have been present to support and learn, educate yourself.. Holy Fuck your wife is feeling normal, finally. Cannabis has improved our marriage, sex life, career and home life, wake up and smell the coffee, infused coffee maybe. He really needs to try it, his body wont hurt as much and he wont be in so much pain. We are getting older you know? He has nothing to go on, and hasn’t educated himself as I have in many different areas. I’m intelligent , socially and educated. I had to educate myself as cannabis seem to be the only thing that allowed me to be happy with who I am, excepting my mental health and whatever I’ve been genetically predisposition to. Writing about my life is bringing awareness to so many stigmatic topics such as mental health, suicide awareness and being a damn awesome citizen whom has a reputation of unremarkable Love for the human race. Cannabis can make you impaired just like any medication, over the counter or not, depending on many factors that will be discussed in the future.

The man I am married to thinks this is “Fucked Up” Reading about my life and helping people learn recipes, educate them the best I can with the Cannabis they may grow in their own garden, legally in Canada in 2018. Although, I am a legal patient, abiding by doctors orders and dosing schedule. Note to self: awareness again is the key.  I’ve inspired people to take control of her life, health and how cool for  people to write about how I planted the seed for an idea and ran with it. What is wrong with inspiring people, I have been doing it for 2 decades in my community. Why is online any different?
I won the 2013 all Ontario leadership award for a reason, I am still the same heart of gold, driven woman who found the key to the right door. Anyone who has worked with me, has been a client of mine, and has watched me at my worst and at my best will know, then I’m the right person to bring awareness to all these topics. But what if I really have to choose?
Now what do I do?!! Write Chapter 16…

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