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Dear Diary, 

 It’s May 15th ,  I never thought the day would come when I would be able to properly walk back into my place of employment ; to nurture the souls whom lost the ability to take care of themselves, Having the privilege to make one laugh, smile and feel loved now on a full-time basis. I never thought I’d be here writing to you and it’s been so long as my last diary entry was back in 1998. The way my life has change so much since my last entry, I have missed you.

I’m not sure if anyone can really understand how much I love my career, I know there are some but the main ones prove to me today that I am where I’m supposed to be.  I felt an energy today I haven’t felt in seven months but it proved to me when certain individuals hugged me as their eyes glazed over with tears of excitement I felt for once a sense of satisfaction because I’ve proved that I can love so deeply all sorts of personalities and then differences that we share.

Anxiety wasn’t very high as I feel as though I won the lottery, been able to do what you wanna do every day what you’ve worked so hard for , all the courses taken, late night studying while tucking in children was all worth it. Finally get your dream job is one of the best feelings in the world. 

Someone whispered in my ear today, quietly telling me how thankful you’re here because I’m alone here, she feels,boy do I ever get that statement. No one should ever feel alone, although her embrace told me she missed me. Another person whispered to me people people are turning on each other, there’s hate and sadness with each other? when we’re supposed to be embracing change and loving the careers we all have, to be good to each other and to be kind. I think she also shed a tear today, as a zest for life is back.

After hours of reading manual’s, catching up on new policies and procedures,  which I don’t mind because I like to be refreshed. With anticipation my first course of action was to wander through the halls, taking head counts, making sure the ones that I took care of seven months ago we’re still alive or I hoped they were. Life as we know it can’t go on forever and that’s where my career is hard emotionally.  I come to learn I was too late. I am thankful for those whom touch my life with their wisdom and character. No with new faces and wonderful new challenges are face to before me and I couldn’t be more privileged and honored. It’s amazing what you missed out when you’re injured and a doctor is telling you you’re disabled and you will never return to normal duties again in your life how does someone not panic show signs of anxiety because of that it’s like your world is ending.! Some people change their jobs or careers like they do their underwear, as I write my story I sometimes wonder if my message will be heard. I hope so, it’s so early in the book so far and I have so much to say.


I’m sure nobody noticed the clammy hands or the nervous speech be as I’ve been so bloody nervous about this day, a day I never thought would come. It’s funny how things happen,A trickle of events that would forever change the direction our path you’re meant to go in.

My foot held out but I think I’m gonna put some ice on it just to be safe, I really want to make sure I never have to be off again as our Ontario Health Care is going to shit, and I didn’t have anyone on my side. I had to fight, advocate and then forced to threaten with legal action if I didn’t start getting some answers, what a shame that someone has to go through that does kind of distress for tests that I pay for through my taxes right? The trouble I’ve had to go through just to get some basic answers with that make your head spin and   I pray no one has to go through what I did but I believe bizarre things happen to me because my whole life has been bizarre allowing a story me to write about.

The day was over quicker than I thought , going through personal belongings and tossing out old papers. I feel blessed, today . I enjoyed the ride home stopping to admire the milking cows and go out of the car to take a picture. I’ve chosen to slow down a little and hear the birds sing.

This 7 month chapter may be over but a new one is just beginning



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