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Dear Diary

Dear Diary

Holy shit I made it to Friday, it’s been along time since I have worked 40 hours straight on my feet; the anxiety of going back to work ramped up due to excessive worrying my foot would not hold up. This scared the living pants off me, I need to work. I don’t want to be part of the system. I don’t think too many people can understand what it’s like to do something you love for 15 years and have it taken away from you in the blink of an eye. I’m not out of the woods yet but so far so good.

I am doing some gardening now for a little downtime after a very stressful week, the chickens love the watermelon. 


I was told to enjoy my time off as it would quickly. How true was that statement. I come to learn I wish I could go back to being injured, no thank!!! I learned a lot about myself again this week, good and bad. At the moment I don’t even want to talk about what happened and frankly this person don’t need airtime. But I will say is this, often we look around ourselves and there’s people who will smile with you, listen and ask questions and make you feel as though they care about you , yet the moment you’re back is turned in comfort, it presented an opportunity to put a knife through it , getting gratification from it is a kind a human,  I never want to associate myself with again. Throwing dirt at isn’t professional or even adult like, leave that for High School… I hate drama.


I’ve spent enough years suffering from nasty humans. Being a good person whom is blindsided by opportunists  can make your trust levels go down or even existent, I don’t understand how people don’t want to even try to get along anymore.  Why can’t we just get along with each other for the greatest of good.? Fuck !!!! why is that so hard to do? Is it Me? Most people don’t understand that if they just did a little extra more every day and showing a little extra sincerely and compassion for people and maybe look at the bigger picture this world be a much better place. 

If anyone has ever told you before I’m gonna tell you this again,  If you live in negativity , vindictive behaviour and just a mess of a negitive individual you won’t ever thrive as a human.  Trust Me, I’ve learned to rise above those individuals as I don’t need to stoop to low levels of humanity. All I’ve done is try and show true compassion and love to everyone I come to (also who deserves it) boy I have met some real manipulative individuals in my life and they are all on my  writings. There will always been someone who can’t see you happy, can’t see you thrive and can’t bare to see others follow along in the pursuit of happiness… a happiness we all should be able to embrace… go get a Bobbie if your one of those individuals in this world. We don’t need more people like that, our world is suffering as it is. 

Think about it , as I Right!?!


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