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Dear Diary;

It’s a holiday Monday and it’s been along time since I got paid to sit at home and do the things that I love. I’m temporarily working six weeks full-time as I need to try it out to make sure my foot will allow 40 hours every week as I’ve only worked part time all my life. So far so good, acupuncture helps with pain management.

Smoking pot out in the chicken coop, Watching them peck the ground seems to bring me peace and true happiness.   Deep in thought as I drink my near beer I’m wondering where I’m gonna put my CBD garden and maybe another favourite of mine but I have to wait to go see my doctor in 1 June and Toronto as well and that’s where I’m going to finalize my documents and start a new chapter in my journey to educate you and of course add to my knowledge.



There’s something truly therapeutic about having birds in your life, I’ve come to learn most people with any sort of mood disorder or mental health issuue they tend to find chickens are quite therapeutic who would’ve ever thought. Research has come to show chicken therapy is something isn’t so crazy after all.  She was taken by a fox last week and I’m pissed off by that. Rip , I’m sorry. 

I’ve always been a believer that if it works for me it must work for someone else as I don’t think I’m that unique or maybe I am. They bring such joy to so many , go get chickens 🐓

The last seven months has been an eye-opener for me not only as a mature educated woman but as someone who feels blessed to be able to deliver such a powerful message to the world. 


Because cannabis has played such a huge role in my life since February 2017 and because my honey has proven to help those suffering in dark times, pain, anxiety whatever it maybe has shown to be something no short of a miracle. I can make a lot of money selling it illegally and that’s not something that is up my alley, I like giving it away as I’m a giving person to begin with. But it confirms that it something that a lot of people can benefit from. I am legally going to do what I can so that I can help people with cannabis. I’ve been approached by all ages of people struggling of great proportions and what if I sat back and only care about myself? I feel I would do a disservice to those who have reached out for my help. So why not try and do something completely bizarre and become a cannascist ? I got the education, passion and drive to make a huge impact in this world for the best… would anyone listen,? Is what’s stopping me, or slowing me down!!! 



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