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mikes 42nd birthday

Dear Diary,


Today is a special day, it was the day my brother was born. Mike is my older brother, 15 months older to be exact. I felt sad today as I was not able to be with him inperson to celebrate his birthday as I love celebrating these special occasions with people I love. I feel like a piece of shit because I never put a card in the mail soon enough, always making an excuse as it seems there isn’t enough to do everything. I shrugged it off ,not allowing myself to get too overwhelmed by the fact that my brother I’m sure knows that I love him by now.

We often take our brothers for granted, I’ve never had the luxury of having my brother by my side within arms reach at any given time in my adult life. Every time I buy a lottery ticket, I think of him in hopes that I will win big one day , so him and I would know the true feeling of financial security and share with the ones we love. He had it worse than I did, and I think that’s why my heart hurts so much at times. I’ve witnessed many strong men in my life, real life heroes who often go on noticed , Mine is one of those rare gems. He’s a homesteader, an old soul who believes in the old fashion love and treating those with respect. Works his ass off and he done everything for himself, I’m so proud of him. He’s very much like myself , Where he is honoured to give the shirt off his back to anyone. Due to his hardships, he had learned how to cook amazing food, and it makes him happy to cook for soneone. something my husband never learned, sucks to be me most times in that department.That’s why I like going to his place, I get to know what it’s like to have a meal cooked for me as I sit down and take in my surroundings. It’s a win-win.


Sitting on that same bench watching the northern lights dance as if the world stopped for those moments while I smoked my new medicinal cannabis I was on. What a moment to take it all in, and I did.

I got to enjoy my brother’s company in the fall after my last foot injury because I wasn’t Able to get the rest I needed so I can heal, as it’s in our nature to try and do it all. It was an amazing week, all alone fishing and reminiscing about how strong we are as individuals, and celebrating our relationship for what it is.

If you years ago I surprised him as I flew in for his birthday to surprise him and celebrate for a weekend. I will never forget how happy he was, and how happy I was that night. That’s why I believe and spontaneous adventures, it reignites your soul and makes you remember why you are alive. It’s the same feeling I get when I wake up and it’s my birthday and now ithe same feeling happens when it’s someone else’s birthday who I love , like him. and it’s a wonderful thing. I miss him and wish I could be there to celebrate , maybe I will win the lottery someday to get you exactly what you deserve.

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I love you 

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