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 Dear diary,

The sun on my face, has to be one of the best feelings after a long winter, a long winter that played a huge role In my journey to find who I really am as weird as that sounds. I’m writing all about it, feels good to open up, others finding me and realizing they are like me too. That feels amazing! For me it’s a hard thing to explain although I am trying. I know what I’m passionate about, 1 is making sure I always want to wake up and want to change the world. knowing what makes me tick is euphoric. Becoming very comfortable of being alone, in my own thoughts and in my own ways and I finally in love who I am. That is people’s first step in happiness. 


For 40 years fighting the inevitablein this crazy world I live in  can be scary trust me. , my life has been full of crazy things : although each one of them provides a valuable lesson into whatever is happening each is also a reminder of how humans can be very cruel to others. something I don’t agree with.

Another thing I’m trying to stop is the stigma of cannabis. After a second panic attack last night when I got home from someone who’s attitude can really stink, it’s either black or white nothing in between. Although Love is winning and education and awareness is key to that transition.

We have brushed on the topic on living a mediocre life versus operating above the line. Not everybody can understand that, yet that’s what they thrive for daily. I see it everywhere, the struggle between Power and control versus leadership and execution. I truly believe in the existence of this world we live in it is almost an epidemic of select slavery everywhere. It needs to stop and people need to open their eyes to what is slowly happening in this world.

The stigma of cannabis stinks. No pun intended, I don’t understand why so many people don’t understand that you can live a healthy life, and do the normal things that people do , do in a daily basis that can incorporate cannabis for therapy. 


I hope to do a lot of articles about this in more detail and had to get out of it or deal with it.

Since Starting abook about my life, and going into quite detail as I want people to understand that mental health isn’t something you need to take lightly, since I came out of the closet I’ve had many emails and messages asking for help. Do you see people range from top professionals in many different industries from your stay at home mom stressed out with children and everyone in between. 

I have decided because of my passion to help these people. Suffering from depression, anxiety, panic attack, IBS, sleep, pain, and the one I don’t like to mention but those who also wanted to end their life and have been in the dark places I have. Every application was successful except for a couple people whose tolerance levels are quite high and they split the honey just to be safe. The taste and therapy the quality of it is no doubt amazing. I’m totally proud to say I did this myself, how I learned through self education what cannabis is,  how long are use it, what elements I have and what strains will work better than any prescription pill and it actually is helping not just me but lots of others. The funny thing is there’s people that want your secrets,

If anyone want my secrets they will gonna have to buy the book.

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