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I’m Not Disabled

Dear diary,

I’m sitting here enjoying a amazing cup of cannabis coffee yes the honey I make. I’ve tried many companies goods but they’re definitely made for more of the recreational type user. May people still don’t under cannabis how it works why it works and what it really does for someone or is it just my husband. Having to swear on his parents life that Cannabis helps me as they both are deceased doesn’t make sense to me at 40 years old and the key witness to the story wants to silence the one on the witness stand. Do you see why am fucked up? Remember the video I made, ya stigma. Everything is better, really it is!


A ball of confusion, people always tell me to not allow other people to take the wind out of my sails. Telling my husband he has a stinky attitude 2 nights ago at supper after telling him about an idea brilliant idea that could change the course of anyone in this industry. It’s OK that’s why I sometimes feel as I live alone in my own thoughts something I’ve come to learn in my life. I am at peace with that.


I don’t know to address my audience David (he’s my Diary name ) D= Dear and Diary so It was fitting. A daily struggle with that, looking for a sign everywhere I look. It’s coming,  there’s people on Facebook blogging about many things are passionate about and they have readers up and to the millions and all they’re doing is making fun of people and not really doing anything really Cannabis related, no one. That’s where I went hey, there’s a reason why I won the 2013 all interior leadership award through Fleming College, For some reason I believe I was born to make a difference and that’s why I go through what I do because I’m strong enough to know talk about it : write about it and soon hope to learn to make videos. I don’t know how, no techie here.

That’s where I went hey, there’s a reason why I won the 2013 all interior leadership award through Fleming College,


Working on my feet for 120 hours in the last three weeks is a miracle to me when on December 13 I was told by a surgeon I was disabled and I would never return to normal duties or activities ever again putting me into a month of panic. I said to myself no one is going to take the wind from my sales and I will rise above increasingly terrible odds And yes I will walk full-time on my feet. I have done that yet it wasn’t easy and I’m not out of the water yet. It’s a one step at a time kind a gig and I have to learn that being clumsy I need some attention. Being a bull in a China shop, a going concern in every day life can be frustrating yet now my  daughter I believe has the same everything is me, and she’s clumsy too.

I still have three more weeks to decide if I want to be full time or part time and I truly believe I’m working where my heart and soul was planted 50 years ago. Learning life can shift direction at any given time without permission is also something to except as it can provide so many amazing opportunities along the way. If someone was to ask me again 16 months ago if I be at home mastering the art of cannabis edibles and mastering the art of infusion which really isn’t hard, but of course I had to choose the heart of this medium to learn, which was the honey. That makes me excited, another notch in the belt.


I guess you can say and now people want me to send it across Canada and again that makes me happy as I’m helping people in a whole different way something I’ve been doing for two decades. I freeze as there’s so much awareness to cannabis and I don’t know what to say to them, i’ve only found a couple articles and it takes a long time to find them. Learning everything on my own really has been hard, time-consuming and being dedicated to my own health and wellness I’m now able to bring the gift to other people, that excites me as well.

I never considered myself a brave person or really admitted itAnyway as being a humble person, sincere and passionate about so many humanitarian causes I did everything on the down low,  I wanted to give myself enough time before I spread my wings as my husband is scared that this would fizzle leaving me in another 8 year depression. Something I haven’t put on paper yet, and boy this lady did a number on me and I will tell you all about it.


Contemplating what I want to do : walking up and down a gravel driveway sipping on coffee, listening to the crickets in the frogs talk to each other in a different language I haven’t mastered yet. There’s something amazing about living in the country, the sound of your own chickens crowing to the beat of your own of your life And knowing I have a pool to slip into if it gets too hot today also makes me realize how my idea and my business plan could be so amazing. Having someone in my corner he knows this industry, things happen for reason, can be my ticket to 100% happiness. I love what I do, and I love where I am and if I can make a home based business work one day helping people around the world would be as though I won the biggest jackpot in the world. The happiest people in the world, Are not the ones that have everything. They are the ones, that I’ve taken the bull by the horn‘s and said fuck it and threw all the feathers in the air and let them fall as they may. These are the people that find a dime, they hold it tight they kiss it and a Make-A-Wish because they believe their loved one is guiding them in the right direction.


I’m going to finish my coffee, that has been sweetened with the best plant on earth and local honey which also has health and medicinal benefits to it and once you add spices from India that have been proven to be medicinal as well you truly have yourself something to be proud of and I’m quite happy knowing I’ve changed my life so amazingly, I need to share with the world. On my way home yesterday I picked up a array of flowers and plants to put in my moms resting spot on the property. I’m gonna love my kids a little harder today, because I am not disabled and I have return to full duties ito some extent. I will never run again, but I will still be faster than most.

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