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Recently I was told to watch “this is us” on on Netflix, I don’t watch much television as I find there’s very little that educational this day and age. Reality TV is gone too far in my opinion, confused why people find that kind of garbage entertaining. I guess you need to escape reality somehow. Heck, if enough people catch on to my story it’s more juicier than any sitcom on TV.

Turning on the TV I committed myself to watching a  story , a story that seems almost all too familiar. I see myself in Randall, I see myself in Kate. I’m such a high achiever, then I’m still learning how to keep myself grounded when things don’t go according to plan. Allowing my anxiety and panic to overtake my emotions is very exhausting and can take days to return to normal functioning.Often people say things can be avoided but those who seem to be wired just a little differently in those two colour outside the lines of their lives like I do , struggle. Almost as if a magnetic type force keeps us Striving to reach our own satisfaction of our own capabilities. Two episodes in the last week have slowed me down a little, when Kate was drumming on the floor in her aerobics class because all the emotions of her past built-up, that is me. And when Randall started to shake, as my husband sit next to me he looked at me any sub do you know what’s happening? I said yes I do he’s about to have a panic attack, A panic that was brought on by being an overachiever and when things go to the wayside, never dealt with it’s almost as if a faulty firework goes off. The same faulty firework that shot fireballs into our bushes as we jumped for cover as if we were being attacked by an army for 20 Seconds. There’s a reason why am watching the show, with my family. I believe it’s teaching them about mental illness from other sources besides their mother.

I found most of the world lives in denial, or maybe it’s just something that goes untalked about , unsaid unless it is behind closed doors. I an brave to speak out, open my heart to the world . I’m doing this awareness. When I got home before the fireworks yesterday, my son sat on the couch sad for no reason. He asked me why he doesn’t feel normal? That was the same age I felt the same way, and knowing I was different. 


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