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Lady on the 3rd Floor

Dear diary,

This has been a very emotional day, finally get there for I can driving into the city at times therapeutic as it gives me an opportunity to digest what is going on around me. It’s been months since I’ve seen my doctor in Toronto, knowing there’s been another change for the better I’m sure he’s will notice my appearance as many others have. 

Arriving early in Toronto provided me enough time to enjoy some cannabis, and master bravery to introduce myself as I embark down a unknown road, an incredible journey. A couple days ago I kneeled at the top of my driveway which leaves a beautiful flower garden to welcome my guests or even provide myself a smile when I pull in the driveway. Emotionally asking for a sign , a sign which can confirm what I’m doing is the right thing. Opening up my life, my stories and journeys to get to where I am today, in hopes to end up helping so many more people.

As I sat in the parking lot, opening up my heart and soul to you in hopes the world can learn more about mental illness, suicide and of course cannabis. I’m an official advocate, deciding to speak I did. I so far have received I like to collect fan mail, thank you for the wonderful compliments and thank you for opening your heart to me.


As a mustered enough energy ,taking a nice walk to the clinic for some reason I thought it was on the third floor, as I got off on the third floor nothing looked familiar but there is a beautiful girl and a black and white dress blonde hair, she was quite beautiful and I stopped to admire her beauty. I looked around and as I realized I was on the wrong floor I overheard the conversation she was having on the cell phone. She had just come out of a business, which was on the corner of young and Eglington. I heard five words suicide, In the hospital for five days, and I heard her trying to find information on who she can go and talk to for this individual. Seconds felt like minutes as I stood there Around the corner as the teardrops started to fall like bricks, I had just made a video posting it for all to see about suicide, for some reason I got off on the wrong floor of a huge quiet building two hours from my home. Here was a lady affected by the news of an attempted suicide , this person just happened to be in the same city I was going back to. How ironic was that? There was my sign. 

I vibrated, I wanted to give her a hug but I didn’t want to seem like a weirdo. Instead of going in the elevator I waited till she got off the phone, I pop my head around the corner and I just wanted to somehow find a way to tell her I want to help. I’m not good at things like that, I knew that was the moment where the sign was as clear as day.OK I’m one of those bins are moments in my life, to put me somewhere that I can explain creating a motion so intense it stops me in my tracks. She looked at me as l was  I would never understand. As the tears started I told her all I wanted was to help, Telling her how the circumstances are just so bizarre and how I ended up on the wrong floor. Only wishing I had more time , to talk to you, I froze. Hoping somehow this finds her or that individual whom felt out of energy to not go one another moment , feeling your pain I sit here in wishing my thoughts make their way to you and your sad soul. So please if ever you need someone to talk to you.? I will listen, as well as understand. 

To understand mental illness you need to live it, breathe it, bleed it and fight it. Part of your DNA you get it. I get it. 

I’m here for a reason, I need to help

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