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Often talking to people about how to live a fulfilling life usually daily, from every kind of profession. I’ve come to learn more about human race from having intellectual conversations, being open and vulnerable with no judgement:  Education, experience and having a story is liberating. I now found my place where I fit in.



It’s amazing that people are coming to me for help, advice and to get them believing in themselves.Believing it’s possible to be free from the chains of a debilitating illnesses such as depression anxiety or panic can give us a whole dangerous level of freedom. Suicide rates are are their all time high, Kate’s death has made me more eager to bring awareness to mental health and life topics.



What one must realize is the art of being selfless, especially already in a world full of people who only think about themselves. I often find myself struggling in that department of my life. As though so many people start to expect things from you because it just is your personality. So why can’t people work a little harder to bring joy to others, especially while they are alive. We all will be gone before we know it, take time to love the ones 

Normally we go through the day, working and focussing on those who are close to us. We tend to forget the important things other so simple, we will not see change if we do not actBelieve in kindness and love wins anything that comes in our way.


Listening to stories about Winnipeg, and reminiscing about how I miss my hometown is something I will always remember. thousands of kilometres away sits an amazing place , a place that we both missed daily. Just because It didn’t work out for us there , doesn’t mean It never played a crucial role into the beings we are. Sitting with a final goodbye, kissing a forehead  I whispered , enjoy the flowers I picked for you in your garden. They are in full bloom and I only wished I could have taken you. 

During my walk, I made sure I said a little prayer and each and every stop as I picked a assortment of flowers , stop and do something random for someone. It helps battle emotional distress friends.


Try it, let me know. Kindness always wins

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