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Dear Diary, Suicide

I do a lot of reflecting when a tragic event happens in my life…. One who attempted suicide in Peterborough on Monday, I’m here if this ever finds you. 2. Kate Spade , anxiety and depression overcame her. It could me too? She had it all, more than me , And I bet Kate doesn’t have a dark story like I do. Writing a book brings back hard mementoes to put myself back in but I decided to do this for others , to show hope.


I sit back and take a look at the world around me and I wonder to myself there wasn’t so many illnesses or mental health issues or children suicide decades ago but here we sit in the 21st century and it’s all around us how many people really sit down and realize how many people are struggling in this world how many people actually do something about it?
I have always struggled to “fit” in and it sometimes bothers me to this day that I feel I’m one of those outlasts that gives so much love and the world returns hatred… sorrow and sadness.
As a parent I watch my kids struggle with friends and fitting in . The name calling…the shunning that goes on. It hurts.
As a coworker I watch others so selfish that the cries of individuals are ignored. Is this why our world is corupt. ..greedy… selfish?
How can people lie and cheat their way through life and not be acknowledged for it? And those who are honest and giving get the last straw. ?
How is our generation going to cope when we have no government that cares how we raise those to have compassion. .manners and respect?
How is bullying allowed so drastically in workplaces and schools… because no one has the balls to admit we have problems ? Children are left to deal with emotional scarring and then turn into adults with anxiety…depression … isolation behaviors? And we blame everyone else.??
I sit here tonight somber about how when reality hits me I feel totally lost and helpless. I wrote most of that three years ago, long before the start of Lady Edible.  I still feel lost and helpless at times although I’m living in a marriage with its own issues yet I’m sharing my mental health and I’m sharing my life and what I’ve done good and bad in hopes to bring more awareness to people. Stigma is ruining  my marriage, That’s a hard opioid to swallow , people don’t give up. They get tired of trying. Tonight I am on a drive , to a view of a sunset nearby taking in some validity 😉



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