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Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about my audience and what they want from me: what do they want to hear? I’ve obviously inspired many amazing people out there dancing to the best of their own drum, in this crazy journey called Life. Currently  the messages I’ve been reading anyway has me questioning how do I address this topic . The topic of privacy and secrecy, as so many people still want to remain anonymous, yet want to engage in conversation on the page with like minded individuals , just not sure how? So I will try.


Facebook has privacy settings, settings that you can control with other people see or cannot see. Not everybody wants to be open and I understand that, many say to me all of this has happened to me so that I can be here sharing with you. For me I’m going with what feels right.

If you’re not ready to talk about your choices that’s OK and engaging is always welcome for anybody. I actually want people to feel as though they could come to this page And be open to share their experiences with others and hopes that we can break stigma and Create a sense of acceptance,  something this World lacks. 

My advice is to those who are following the page and whom has messaged me with these kind of questions, be patient I will address many of them. I’m still dumbfounded how I ended up starting a blog about my life, share Cannabis education, then to send a book off in hopes to be published; A book that I hope inspires people to find joy in life. Learn to deal with stress, anxiety and depression. all my life I’ve been looking for a hero. Failing in doing so, I then became one. 


Opening up about my struggles, criminal activity and finding joy in cannabis after having the mindset Cannabis was addictive and all about being high. That’ can be true for some, not for me. Tolerance levels also play a role in  everyone differently. Mainly those seeking relief from the ongoing torture of genetic presents given at birth. Are not about getting high and impacted. No different than any illness such as Parkinson’s ,Cancer or MS. We all have a struggle to face. In just a different form. Learning about medicating is key and I about to open about all of it . Caution 😎

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