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Operation Venison

When most people are struggling, whether it’s emotional mental or physical some people usually will turn to things to raise their spirits. The human race will gravitate towards things in the addictive nature normally turning to comfort food, sugar, alcohol, cigarettes, could be drugs or even excess of shopping. When we began to spiral out of control is when we start to abuse these things in our lives. Being guilty of that in more than one occasion gives me the right to talk about it honestly. 

Being an adrenaline junkie, wanting to reach the top, and endless explorer of the unknown. I know no limits at times, this can be dangerous for me and has proven so,  When my seasonal depression hits towards the end of September which it has since 1998, Shifting humanitarian work into “high” gear. October came around quickly, presenting successful on the yearly no “ Deer Hunt” That was when “Operation Venison “was born.

Every year or as long as I can remember my husband would get giddy like a little kid in a candy store, knowing the hunt was around the corner. It’s his time to enjoy the things that he can remember growing up with his father and brothers. Going away to a hunt camp is a rite of passage, for boys and men alike. Women can never understand as most men never understand why women need to have pyjama parties in their 40s. Both are similar it is connecting with what is important.

When my depression hits hard, turning to  empathetic work I do eases the symptoms by increasing my Happy meter. Shortly Receiving the phonecall  “Buck Down” I was elated to put forth my plan to feed the needy. This was exciting as another way I can help myself involved.


I went to Facebook, first it was just to help one or two people which ended up helping more than that. There’s no way one person is going to eat $400 worth of custom venison meat done up I. Salami , roasts, and sausages. Let’s do what I love to do, GIVE. Giving makes me happy, giving has no policies or procedures it’s an act from the heart and soul . This is how I have been operatating since the day my Mother died. Nothing can change that, except the inevitable Death . I’m not ready for that path, not yet . I have years to live and feel the breeze in my hair.

On the community board , I made the real simple rule of nominating a family in need , explaining why ? You couldn’t nominate yourself, and I wanted people to understand the reason why I chose the people I did. The two recipients that I chose would receive over $100 for each worth of venison to enjoy with their family. I was bombarded with individuals sharing personal information and stories with me as if they knew me forever.

My heart was filled not only with gratitude but sadness because I wanted to help each and everyone of them but I couldn’t. There is only one way I could narrow it down. Everyone was worthy, but those who nominated them selves are crossed out, those who couldn’t tell me why they needed help were crossed out: I then went through the final people pleading just for some free food. Anyone who never said thank you at the end of it were all crossed out.

Thank you is a very powerful word especially when someone is going out of their way to do something very kind for another individual. Necessarily doesn’t mean it has to be worth a lot as some of the best gifts come from the heart, those moments planning, and all the people involved in the preparation of the meat as well as the animal itself.

One family was struggling not only with health issues, but just trying to get on their feet. Having such an amazing friend and that friend nominated them with more than enough information that I needed to bring either only a bag load of venison but the large frozen turkey as well.

As I knocked on the front door I was not only grateful to be able to provide such an amazing gift to someone who didn’t expect it, but it came at a perfect time as the father had just been taken to the hospital in the grandma was there with the children. The grandma was taken back, by my kind gesture. I wished her well and they gave her a hug and I told her that I can only wish I could do more, I seen how thankful she was and that’s all that mattered. The family posted a thank you to the anonymous person who delivered the meat and it got back to me. 

The next group was a group of gentlemen who were all living together in a house all renting rooms. All of them are struggling with their own issues, trying to find work, getting off the welfare system, getting off the alcohol and just trying to be a decent person we’re all living under the same roof hungry.

After delivering them another bag of frozen food I decided to do one step further as they didn’t have a proper way to cook it. I decided to cook them and deliver a home cooked venison roast with all the fixings, giving the men my slow cooker as well to help with meals.


When I arrived with the slow cooker Alan gave me a card, and I will never forget the look on his face and how he hugged me that day. Coming to learn and all the highs and lows, that if you can overcome every Boulder, every stone thrown at you, every hurtful memory, word there is beauty in this world. You need to go out and be kind. You need to set an example so others know that there is goodness in this world, as you know you never know who’s listening or watching. And you just never know what struggle someone may be facing at that moment. I only can hope I planted a seed of love, in hopes that during their struggles they know that I was there in hopes I may be back. The boys are on the hunt now and if All goes well they will get a visit from me Thisbe year for year 2.

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