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Dear Diary

It’s been a week of ups and downs and highs and lows , as I have adjusted somewhat into my new role working with those with many types of dementia. I Love It, it Loves Me too. I’m torn! On the other end of the spectrum, I have a passion for cannabis : so passionate that the direction of my career may just change in the future. I’m not scare of change anymore. I have embraced my eager nature to want to inspire people on a whole new level. Where it takes me, is meant to be right? That Chapter May be over?!  That doesn’t mean my career path with disabilities is over, I look at it as I have now the opportunity to make more of a difference on my terms and these terms are pretty incredible for anyone I can get too help.

Back before I started this blog , jumped in the frying pan in hopes to teaching people about mental health and illness, suicide awareness, cannabis for education and use for medicinal and therapeutic purposes . Getting high is so yesterday, feeling phenomenal is the new high. 


I never seen this coming but I love it. Slowly inspiring people, I planted a seed , watering it slowly in the hopes that my message will reach anyone looking for hope. You will find it here I can promise you that. Hoping others like me will find me and we can celebrate weirdness together.  No one should feel alone in this crazy world, we are all human and have the same blood running through our veins. Why is this world so disconnected , in some way. 


The week has been so busy I haven’t been to the post office to check the box, awaiting was a wonderful gift from one of my readers, I love it. I will cherish it, as any gift I have been given including an a bible, knowing I would never read. It’s called respect for special gifts , and this is one of them. Thanks to her,  my message has inspired her to Follow her dreams and working a little harder towards them. You have inspired me to keep doing what I am doing.   One day when we have an edible reunion, or I come to visit you at the powwow one day, I look forward to meeting you my friend. Stay happy !



Ps the pot staged in the phot is mine 😜





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