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Chapter 21: I have a Sister

“Hurry Mitzi, It’s Mabel and Oscar they’ve been in an accident” The high school was just a block away, my friends were frantically looking for me through the halls as my old foster parents are in a bad accident at the corner of second and portage. It was a 1970s or older big blue van, I knew he shouldn’t be driving but who was I to say anything. I didn’t even have a drivers license myself, relying on my amazing friends to pick me up and take me to where I needed to go. Those friends were an amazing support over the years,  always there. 

I frantically ran to the corner as the ambulance arrived, it was the first time I had felt like family. Not only Where they my foster parents, they were advocates for living a life through God. Although I believe in God and a higher power, it wasn’t something I can consume myself in. I never did judge, as I learned life is full of diverse individuals. Complex in nature we are all here to provide something, it is our choice if we want to embark on what inspires us to be a better person. My heart pounded as I ran towards it, I prayed they were OK. I was relieved to know they were fine but going to the hospital to get checked just in case as they were quite old.


With my mom being in town, she had no desire to learn about my foster family experiences. She was so convinced, that she was a failure to not only us, but to her self and her career. I was OK with her not wanting to know who took care of me over those years. As my dad was engrossed in his own new family and new life, It wasn’t long before they have my brother pushed out of the house and into his own apartment as well at such a young age.

I also learned about forgiveness from the Petsnicks. They often talked about forgiveness with me: it was where I got a babysitting job, they pay good money. Little did I know I was going out to a house in the middle of a country side as her mother struggled with addiction, leaving her kids to go party for the weekend with someone who wasn’t prepared to deal with what was gonna happen. We have no food in the house, I was trying to attend a three little children under the age of six. The mother was to be home by 6 PM and it was now 11 PM and a strange car was pulling in the driveway. And as I realized it wasn’t her, it was a drunk ex-boyfriend pounding on the doors and windows screaming her name I became terrified as the Deseree and I hid under the bunk beds in the corner front bedroom with the baby in my arms. That is when I realized I could be in danger, as well as these children. 

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I decided to pick up the telephone and call the pet snakes to call the children’s aid Society, it was shortly after midnight when an intake worker picked us up at the house. Being so young and scared not only for myself but for another human being which being responsible for had me remembering what I told myself years prior. The goal to “help the needy” for that 36 hours of Deseree with me under their roof, We had slept together in the same bed that night that she was scared as she told me “ I am worried about my mom, I’m not sure if she’s alive?, “she said. I knew how she was feeling as years prior I was in the same boat, I didn’t have anybody I can talk to about it he would understand so it was a struggle I had to deal with on my own at such a young age. Here was my opportunity to let her know everything was going to be alright. I seen her tears turn to smiles and I can remember the picture I took with my Polaroid camera. She had these tight chest not dark curly hair and a cute little smile, standing in front of my dresser I believe in the background was a picture of my mom and a few trinkets of mine. I wanted to capture that moment because the children’s aid Society was coming back to pick up Desiree to reunite her with her family has her mom had showing up the next morning.



It wouldn’t be long before Desiree would come back into my life unfortunately not for decades later, it’s those moments in time that can shape us as an true human with real sincerity, love and hope. I matured a little with that event, an event that will grow inside me to a road of nurturing those vulnerable Individuals.

I started to understand how helping other individuals made me feel, it took away the pain, substance addiction and self sabotage. I forgot about what wasn’t working and I was focussing on the task for the greater good. I think I was onto something.

With the old foster couple safe and out of the hospital , I was able to continue on my journey. Still living in my apartment, across the road was a grocery store name Safeway and it was where I became a “bagger” of groceries. It was the only place in the world were you bag groceries and large paper bags. And with the heavier items I learned the art of double bagging paper. Dressed in my read a tire I was going to work, blessed to have a job in the community. Pushing carts in the rain , snow storms and sunshine provided money to save for my goals to grow up, mature and go away to college. Sounded easy to someone whom was a little outta touch with how her actions could affect so many. It is where my mom said down with me, and told me I had a sister again. A sister? I thought it was only Mike and I?


I can remember the conversation when I was about six years old at the kitchen table with my brother when my dad was at work. My mom had going on to say she had gotten pregnant prior to her marriage and given her baby up for adoption. She had been on a quest to find her. She had a name is was Diana, and she looks like me. I want to meet her too, and I will. With so many questions about where I was going and what was happening, just like some movie. I needed to stop and take sometime for everything to sink in. This can change everything I thought!

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