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Dear diary

Imagine humans are like helium balloons, Where the majority of the population hovers at a certain level of workmanship, beliefs and values and ways of life. But within that group of helium balloons, there will be balloons that want to reach the sky a bit higher, never satisfied until they reach the final destination which in fact is what I believe is where they’re meant to be. As a witness to these balloons myself I operate at a higher level than most. I always have, not only in all my career choices , yet outside in my own endeavour to reach the top, in all I do; those witness to it or are currently apart of it will say “she reaches for the stars even to touch them one time” She is like a helium balloon that wants to just go and change the world. So many have pulled her string back to reality. What is reality may I ask? Achieving so much already, knowing what I’m capable of and wanting to spread my wings for the remainder of my life I believe is not delusional when you are not only qualified, educated, and a role model for so many people already so yes she does work at the level a level then than most of her peers.  

purple and red balloons

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I have always been a high achiever, no matter if it was my grade point average in all the diplomas I have, nor all my certificates. All of that means I’m qualified, normally needing to also prove yourself in the world of life and career. I also have done that. I think everybody should sit down and reflect on what they’re good at, passionate about and either turn that into a career, that will not only for Phil you but maybe just embark on a amazing journey that can change not only the way you look at the world but maybe the way someone else looks at the world outside of the box, and showing people there’s beauty all around you.

The unfortunate thing about my life is I can only do so much with my current career, it’s a struggle some days when I want to do more to help the people I care about, my days aren’t filled with the needs of the individuals anymore. Paperwork and documents fill most of my time and that I struggle with. I can’t do what I need to when I’m held down and told I can’t change the things I need to for quality of life in my eyes. I lose sleep at night because I know I’m only one person and I can only do so much. When people rely on you you hold a great responsibility to them and I hold a commitment quite dear.


In 1998 when my mom took her life after a struggle with medication change after medication change when she checked herself into the hospital for suicidal thoughts and they let her go: 2 days later she passed away alone with panic after video tape caught her running naked in the halls and causing a commotion. 2 years after this photo was taken at my grade 12 graduation she attended. My dad never did attend, nor help with any of any education pursuits. She couldn’t , she lived on the streets for to many years eating garbage at times she told me. Sleeping in alleyways , only if I knew. Only I could have done something . I am now, awareness to mental health and cannabis. I am totally in love with both topics. 

Irene , my mom. was failed by the system! Which in return, I promised I would always Help anyone in need, I need which is between life and death.

When I got back with part of her ashes as the remainder of them are to be spread at her parents grave as per her wishes they were thrown out by my stepmother ”by accident “ Something that took me a long time to forgive, not forget. Id. promised myself I would get into nursing to follow my mom’s footsteps in the crew that she was working in before she took it ill and snapped.

Becoming a PSW was the best thing I ever done, but today is song came on the radio, shortly after I was going through my head my game plan “hopefully” it was like she was saying it’s ok. Go and be happy, where you feel appreciated, celebrated and honoured for your talent, sincerity and passion for helping others. Hold On, this story is getting even better.


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