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Dear diary,

June has proven to follow my horoscope right to a T. Although using horoscopes for fun and entertainment , of who’s writing them, as I don’t participate in television, news about politics. I need to remain positive. I prefer to listen to music and embrace the nature around me. I find the birds chirping, the gentle echo of a crowing rooster, or call of a lonely loon or just the call of a whipperwil euphoric, that’s just me. The call of a cardinal currently at my window, tells me this also is right.

As I look at my 22 acres, not only do I see my future here as a craft cannabis grower, I’m also going to be applying for a micro processing license to make honey as well. I’m unable to apply for these two micro licenses at the moment as were waiting for the cannabis act to come out as legalization will take place in October 2017. My honey has proven not only successful, consistent And totally therapeutic by nature by many people. I am so excited for what this future may hold for me. And I’m excited because I’m telling you all about it in my book, and in here the pages of my diary.


Much has happened this month, bringing me closer to a decision I may have to make sooner than later. No one would ever have guessed that I would be a medical cannabis patient,Learning all about the ignorance, stigma, and shutting that goes along when someone finds out.I can’t wait to write about the community building project I worked on prior to going back to work in March. Being seeked out for help is also a c Firenze booster. I’m the right woman for it usually. After sitting down with the building superintendent bringing a stellar performance which at the end, I stopped at asked

“ I have a question for you, as he looked at me he smiled and said OK. I told him I was a new medical cannabis patient and I was currently under the influence of cannabis; not impaired. His eyes widened the size of Tooney’s in disbelief, what he had just witnessed. As he went on to say no I would’ve never could tell, I smiled and thanked him for his honesty. I told him what I was doing behind the scenes, building a portfolio of proving how the thoughts of others need to be changed.

People need to understand cannabis is not always about getting high, Everybody has a tolerance to cannabis differently and they’re high might be different than yours or no high at all. That’s why I continue to write and do what I’m doing in hopes to change the minds of people in my work, that those who operate at a different level whether it’s community building finances or Wall Street cannabis can play an important role in the quality of life in those professionals as well as those just seeking relief for therapeutic purposes using the plant.


But most people don’t know, as I’ve always wanted to write about my life and never had an outlet or reason to do so. As though the world had given me a kick in the ass so many times lending me on my ass, was when I had to wake up. Blinded by the bullshit of today, and so many telling me to live just a mediocre life started to give me resentment in certain areas of my life as well. Being off for seven months and having a doctor tell me I was disabled and I would never work full duty’s again, or even the activities I love to do such as go Chaga hunting in the forest looking for medicine. Last season I wasn’t able to go Chaga hunting as my ankle was in a week state not knowing that the doctor was performing a procedure on me that was actually doing the opposite. That has been the story of my life for so long, hence why I ended up here I guess.

I don’t want to live a mediocre life, I don’t want to be bound by the chains that people love to put me in. We all know those individuals, the unfortunate thing about me is I’m surrounded by many of them in so many areas of my life. Being a higher a high achiever has its downside. But the downside doesn’t outweigh all the positives are having a positive attitude, embracing culture and diversity in humans, and learning if we were to better the world together we can win. Strength is in numbers , we need more community.

stack of love wooden blocks

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where ever this road leads: I am Ready.

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