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Pink: The Beautiful Trauma Adventure


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I’m not sure if it’s the loud music, the electric fighting energy in the air or in the drums of adrenaline racing through the walls. Maybe its the sparkle of our earrings in the lights in the stadium or that us friends are ready to experience an epic evening? Music has always found a way to reach me in ways, nothing else has. Deep to the soul, deep in thought and reaching answers kind of therapy. Music has a way of allowing me to deal with my lifelong built up emotions whether it’s good or bad. I can remember as young years old and music always played in the car, vibrated the walls in the house in every room the speaker can go in. I love all genres of music from Daryl Hall to John Oates, The Nitty-Gritty Dirt Band, Kenny Chesney to every world vibe going. . Over the…

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