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There clearly has been something in the air in June, the electric Vibrations of euphoria intertwined by sad periods of depression turns out to be an awakening experience. I feel as though I’m a new person, with a new positive way of thinking. I’m one who always second-guesses myself, and learning over the last few years to be confident in my new projects and where am I may go with this Cannabis journey, I’m all in.  I feel as though I’m a new person, with a new positive way of thinking. I’m one who always second-guesses myself, it is something learnt from constant people telling me I can’t do this or that, growing up being told I’m different sucked.

4CE6D06D-06A6-455E-969F-2CAABE3A3FA6.jpeg Learning over the last few years to be confident in my new projects and where am I may go with this I’ve been monitoring my moods although they really don’t change from one day to the next but it’s the moods within me that nobody knows. It’s the inner struggle between every good enough? Are we doing everything we can to save enough money for future retirement? Are our children getting enough positive parenting from their parents? Will it be enough for them to thrive in the world that unfortunately is unperceivably scary if you don’t have the tools for success. Mind , over matter, is something I’ve always said. If you have a strong positive outlook on life, and you do everything you can to avoid as much negativity as you can whether it’s through friends, family, news media or your place of work ? where the negativity thrives, this day in age is everywhere. You need to know how to spot it, resolve it and move on. Having an outlet to go to allows  yourself to relax your mind, and back to a happy place. Tonight , I went to pick berries. This is another experience I find very euphoric, the last two days have brought gloomy clouds and gray skies, rain and wind. After every storm emerges chirping birds, sunny skies and dancing leaves. It was a perfect night, to take in the solitude of picking a ton of berries to infuse with.


Picking berries in a long red slinky dress to cover the stains of the berries I will not only kneel in but to wipe my juice stained fingers before leaving the patch. Had everyone saying Bonjour Paris as it was written in white. Thank god I had my white rimmed sunglasses on. I wanted to beat the weekend rush of the city for coming out to the country, jumping strawberry lanes stealing all the large berries tends to spike my anxiety. I always say leave my patch alone, if you’re not happy in the patch they put Sheehan go back to the girl like I did and kindly asked for a new patch because maybe she didn’t realized it was picked earlier.


Kindness goes a long way and I was happy to let them know that will be serving 204 seniors local strawberries tomorrow in celebration of now the only Canada’s birthday but the celebration of the strawberry. As I reflect in the patch about my life and where cannabis is taking me , I’m instantly arosed. That’s the passion I have for this bizarre twist in my life. It’s almost as though I’ve been hit by lightning in a good way, I’ve had people come to me and tell me I’m different. I asked him to describe different to me and here’s for the two responses :

You have a very confident sexy demeanour to you, not only are you intelligent but you’re showing a new fearlessness about you that is not only intriguing to your readers but to me also. You’re taking the lead on some very gray areas in life that are very rarely talked about. You’re opening up your life for those to understand not only living proof of beating the odds ; your leading the way for men and  women with cannabis : Mitzi your such an influencer. You will go far with this endeavour . I wish you well my friend.

The second was a message and a FedEx package, I totally forgot it was coming from one of my readers I’ve never met. Is the commotion of the house but underway I went into the mode where I can focus on what that really really meant to me. My eyes filled up with tears, and in that moment I realized again I should not be second-guessing myself.

Thank you Cheryl for letting me into your life : I will continue on 💨



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