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Laura, thank you


The first part of March delivered excitement into my life that I hadn’t felt for so long I was preparing to go back to work full-time in the career that I love so much. I’ve spent years getting education under my belt so I can embrace The career path of taking care of the Vulnerable. It’s one of the greatest honours you can have. For 15 years I’ve worked the front lines from being a PSW, starting my nursing diploma, working in the laundry while I studied my Recreation and Leisure Diploma. I’ve taken every course from crisis intervention to mental health awareness and everything in between. Something I’m quite proud of, paying  my way for everything has given me a greater respect for the mighty dollar. Education is not cheap, it proves to be essential for success in the world lacking of opportunity. 


Someone who has known me when I moved to the Peterborough area, all alone on a mystery journey. She got a hold of me and told me there is a perfect opportunity in my name was written all over it. I was going to be going into the old building I used to work in doing some community building for an amazing lady with autism.

Lauras mom wanted to meet me and have an interview of course, so over Skype we met. I was OK with that, I was actually excited to get back into private work which I had just started doing with another lady.  We talked about mental health, issues affecting one’s development when they have an intellectual disability as well as how I was to make connections for Laura in the environment that she lives in.

I was nervous, In my interview I was “everybody” leaves Laura’s life and they were looking for someone who is willing to not leave her life and be apart of it for the long haul. But most people don’t understand showing commitment to someone growth shows maturity and respect for another human, what a privilege. I was honoured to be hopefully the one to make the changes necessary for one to thrive in an unfamiliar environment. Dedicated to go to the ends of the earth to fill that promise or commitment that I’ve made. One thing about me most people will come to know, I promised that I am more invested emotionally than most people understand when it comes to changing someone’s life. It doesn’t matter if you’re paying me or not. Knowing this was a short project yet a ton of emotional investment was being made it was soon familiar to me that I was dealing with some things that were too intense and complex than what I needed or wanted. 

In the short amount of time I was given to make miracles happen, I have come to learn many people had attempted this project before me and have walked out due to the barriers of people who had ability to allow Laura to spread her wings a little. As I fell in love With Laura, she was falling in love with my free spirit and zest for life. I was able to show her how I wanted to live a fantastic life, as she was showing me how she lives a fantastic life with disabilities. During my time, I taught her how to make her own iced coffee instead of spending so much money at the store which gave her a sense of independence, as well as saving some money for something else special.



Laura taught me a little bit more about love, as I watched her sing the itsy bitsy spider to her best friend over Skype , I stopped eating my pizza and watched in awe as tears filled my eyes. As she said “ now that I sung your favourite song to you, I’m going to go eat my hot pizza with my new friend, Mitzi! I smiled , she’s so sincere and kind. She has no idea about hate or anger I can see, it’s Love. This needs to be celebrated , so we did. Her smile was glowing , face painted pink of joy telling she wanted to dance, as my infectious nature pumped through her veins, enjoying the music …so did I we giggled like kids.



Our connection seemed endless and time stood still as we danced to “ I want it that way “ by the Backstreet Boys” by her request. We spun, clapped and shook our bodies in this tiny apartment on the 3rd floor of an old building: an old building o started my nursing career in: in the footsteps of my late mothers honour a path I never will regret taking. This path brought me here in this room, with a someone whom lacks the quality of life she rightfully deserves, like me.  That night I laughed with pure exhilaration, it was not enough time, my time was ending. My trip to Las Vegas was around the corner, the true test to make sure my foot can take the walking for 4 days, and it did! Then back to work and another test to make sure my part time body could now take full time hours . 

Being in Las Vegas the last thing I thought would happen would be many text messages from Laura upset about why I can’t work with her and she didn’t understand the change in time together . As I told her I’m still a friend and will make time with her as we had 2 dates the following week together , she was upset. Telling Laura to have her Mom explain, since her anxiety was high she started canceling our “dates” as I know how behaviours arose with those with disability’s (been working in this field for over 15 years) I didn’t give in, so when she came begging me to come the next day, I had already had appointments to get my ducks in row for back to work. Calmly trying my best to let her know I will see her for Pizza Thursday and it is fine. We will get through this change. Not everyone is good with change, I know all about that. Staying positive and consistent is the key for behaviour rehabilitation. 

Getting a text the next morning not to have any part with Laura’s as per Laura’s request, had my heart broken in two. I didn’t leave her life, knowing she would believe that I knew I wanted to make sure had a proper goodbye. You can’t do that to friends, I knew Laura would not request that.

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Days went by, turning into weeks then into a couple months, almost as if I was a stalker I would sit in front of the building and shed a tear as if I failed her. Not realizing it, but the songs we dance to buy the backstreet boys found their way onto my satellite radio no matter what station I was on. My heart would beat a little more and my lips would give a smirk of true happiness. Laura had that way with me, missing her I turned the car around and went to the Tim Hortons we walked to twice a week, where I found a dime in the grass at the church, it is where we embraced gluten free pizza and Laura witnessing a panic attack on arrival. It is where I taught her to make iced coffee, heck that’s is a winner in my my books.

i missed our video chats were we talked like we were college girls, gabbing about everything and nothing enjoying each other’s company. The family loved seeing Laura and always made sure they made her feel special, they miss her too.



I grabbed her an iced coffee and drove to the blue building I spent years in holding the hands of those whom are gone before us, where I learned about nursing from the sisters, followed a missionary quest to better the world after my Moms suicide.

As I pulled in, there she was sitting outside with 2 people I wasn’t really comfortable with “if you know what I mean” sometimes people see those with disabilities as a target for money or sex. 

When she realized it was me, she got up and started jumping up and down then I think she said my name 20 times, I had to look around for an asthma puffer I thought she was going to have an attack. I was happy that she was happy to see me, I handed her a nice coffee and I told her I couldn’t get her out of my mind. I wanted to reassure her I never left her life, as sometimes things have to change but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing. I told her those four weeks were some of the best I’ve had in a long time and I missed her. I also told her I couldn’t promise her what the future held, gently reminding her how she knows how to get a hold of me if she ever needs a friend one time. I needed some closure and so did Laura, I will see her out and about and I can’t wait for the welcome she will give. A infectious love worth celebrating , everyday.

If I ever have an opportunity one day to do something completely off the charts for Laura will.

First off I would pick her up in a limo,And tell her that we were flying to Las Vegas and then I would tell her that we had front row seats and backstage passes to see the BackStreet Boys Live, I would want to stand back and watch Laura dance the night away in pure bliss, have pictures to last a lifetime with them. Then we would spend the night , get room service falling asleep like babies awaking the next morning with nothing but an amazing memory of doing something for someone that they would never have an opportunity to enjoy and experiencing it with them. Now that’s privilege, That would be my ultimate surprise , As I said to Laura you never know what the future holds.  You just never know !

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