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Dear Doctor: Who won’t refer me!

Over the course of the last six months I’ve received many messages, and emails about the issues they are having getting referred to a clinic and or doctor to treat their medical conditions with the cannabis plant instead of pharmaceuticals. This is our right: Very few people know their rights. It is when one’s rights have been violated on more than a handful of occasions that you start to educate yourself. If you feel that you have been discriminated against please call the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario. I have educated myself of our rights, you should too. Ps let them also know your MD is withholding you from the right to access medicinal marijuana under our act. As well as have options instead of opioids. I wanted to go to legal route, not acquiring off the market weed especially not Knowing how it was grown or what chemicals were used. As I believe chemicals can interfere with the bodies ability to heal itself.

Those who have been living with a certain condition, with proper medical proof of an ongoing health issue, such as pain, depression, anxiety, chronic pain, bowel disorders , mood and more. There are options for us, don’t fall victim to what your entitled too.


Being through this already here is a letter I wrote :

Dear MD, NP, etc 

I was very much like the person sitting in front of you right now scared shitless to tell you exactly what they need due to stigma, ignorance and avoidance. Opening up to a Doctor can be intimidating to some, being one of those people I get it.  Who has a variety of opinions, based on pharmaceutical medicine and schooling. Who has already ignored my pleas for help, exhausted at the point where I’m about to go anywhere to get some relief. It seems as though you are Paid for head? Or get a bonus for all the pills you dispense. I’ve revived over the years , most which I tossed. Honestly tell me is pushing pillsthe answer,? Holy shit; those almost killed me and I’m writing all about this crazy journey . I too sat across from a Doctor 2 years ago, Who didn’t know my past, nor has he even tried to learn. See that’s the problem, we need to be advocates for our own health and welfare. We know our bodies more than anybody, our faults, weaknesses and strengths. No one knows what their breaking point is except me. I do, been there. Now here advocating for those who are looking for relief in similar conditions or health problems like I may suffer from. This is their right, we are standing up for them more and more.  I believe if you did Nite us the right to be referred to a cannabis clinic in our area or within the driving distance we agree upon, for me I drive over an hour away and I’m OK with that. That is my right, and I truly believe the person who sitting in front of you is scared shitless to tell you this themselves . It’s very simple my friend, you can always lead a horse to water but you can’t force it to drink. Some of us are unique, I’m hoping my story will open up the stigma that’s based in my daily life; allowing others to open up to their own health and seek alternative medicine to improve your quality of life. Not everyone wants long scripts or get into illegal activity, ladies and men of all ages are taking control of mental health more everyday. Seeking therapeutic relief, from the plant that has been under the microscope for years .Being informed is key, and again our right to choose. I understand it looks shitty on the system , but we are going to live longer and be happier if we have our options give without prejudice.

who has the right to withhold this from us?!?


I have done my research because again I was like the individual sitting in front of you nervous, anxious and depressed because her M.D. is an uninformed individual whom needs to take a leadership class to look outside the box: take a chance and let one be happy. We have the right to life, liberty and security , allow someone an opportunity to be them best selves.  If Cannabis has proven to be the answer for them? Then please fill out the damn referral , shake their hand, collect your pay check and carry on.

It may save someone’s life . It saved Mine!



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