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Blueberry Bushes

Dear Diary;


I’ve never felt so happy as I do at this moment, I just woke up still my pyjamas, feel the magic of the wind of northwestern Ontario through my hair as I walk outside. There’s something magical about waking up without an alarm clock, with a cool breeze in the air: coming off the lake awakening to the smell of the best coffee you’ve had in a long time. It can’t get any better than this, I’ve missed my brother so much., I’ve missed where I grew up more than anybody would know.


After a 22 Hour, tiring road trip through the Lake Superior trail, thank God for edibles we arrived at the lake, the place my brother calls home, a place where he has worked extremely hard to get with his own money; with the odds against him as well. I would give anything to own a piece of property like this, the wild blueberries are abundant, The sound of a float plane flying in the distance, keeps the waves of the lake beating like a drum against the rocky shoreline. As a fishing boat comes into the bay look up as if it was on cue, looking up from the wild blueberry bushes I wave.


I figure they get out here early enough to gather enough blueberries so I can make my kids pancakes that I used to enjoy when I was a kid, up at the lakes for those few short years before my mom went into a mental illness she couldn’t return from. As if the wind picked up to smile, my children get to experience the magic of a Bordertown. I’ve come to except who I am, what I’ve done and what I plan to do going forward, coming back here with no anxiety is an indication that I’ve passed that chapter.

Last night after taking in a sunset blueberry pic after being in shock realizing that the berries are in season here at thisAs I was convinced that the season hadn’t been done yet. The massive deer flies , flying frantically around my head , I embraced the buzzing sound and left them alone to enjoy the smell of my shampoo. As if I was blessed with a renewed spiritual awakening. A tidal wave of energy, I’m taking it in; living on borrowed time, embracing the life is now attitude. 


The mind is a powerful thing, coming to learn you could do anything you put your mind to and I believe has been consistent I’m not a scared anymore to take on what I believe I could handle. It will take time to all come together, more confident than ever as my husband’s stigma I believe is broken, cannabis has been my lifesaver. On that note;

I’m ready for another cup of coffee, 


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