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Failure, can Thrive in the right environment

Dear Diary,

Nobody anticipates getting an email or phone call with the opposite news they were in anticipating, I knew the time was going to come when, finding out if I made it to the 3rd round of interviews with the Ontario Cannabis store As cannabis is coming into legalization in October. I missed the deadline to apply for the Manager as I have necessary management experience, education and drive to make a career out of a negitive event in my life. I can help people make informed educated decisions based on need.  I also studying Recreation  and Leisure for 2 years reaching Dean List status against all odds again.

After a terrible brush with prescription pills after a life altering panic attack in Santa Maria, Cuba, the negative affects, too many to mention  landed me on my knees engolfed with suicidal thoughts, smothered in emotional distress. The pills which were interacting with each other leading to a terrible aftermath, which the everyone’s  surprise took me down the road of cannabis, the plant becoming my new pharmacy.

A pharmacy scared to open, setting up shop for the rest of my life. Unaware of the benefits of the plant I was naïve to think it would be the thing that would actually change my life. The one thing that helped make everything make sense in my life.


Change was blooming around me as if I planted a new life inside me. benefitted around me, losing 80 pounds naturally in over-a year, Without even trying. Something is in my honey, the way it is made, I believe that. Dangerous amounts of my stress that I was caring around was poison to my system. Once allowing my body to start to heal, feeding it with nourishing food a post to emotional eating which most of us do leading to obesity and health issues in our country and around the world today I started to melt. Suffering,  I had to change, something had to give and it did just like a sleepy Hawaiian volcano ready to unleash its fury.

Everything around me was improving weekly, able to think a little clearer, realizing the toxicity around me in many of my relationships which adding to a peaceful life style I desperately need. I was able to rid myself from emotional and mental abuse that repeating exposed myself too for so long contributing to unnecessary anxiety and depression. Gaining a new found confidence in myself, resulting in throwing myself into many many months of self-awareness education as there’s no courses that you can take currently to prepare you for a new career especially in Canada. I would think my two year recreation and leisure diploma would be plenty over someone who just has high school as I can contribute to other aspects of the business, offer unique ideas to help. 


When I answered the first phone call interview, I was totally excited and the recruiter lady on the phone was Elated by my positive phone interview, that I moved to a Skype interview within the next few days. I received a series of basic tests to do, reading and math. They don’t let you know your score, yet I was confident with my present experience I can work a customer service job. I never thought I would say that either, throw in the chips in the air and seeing where they fall an event that I’m familiar with.  

I did everything the email asked me to you,  by setting up Skype on my phone, I needed to locate the link directing me to their Skype address and as I found it or so I thought!!!  I added it to my contact list as I waited for my interview to start at 4:30 my phone and Skype call never rang . It was now 4:42 and my i couldn’t get ahold of anyone from the recruitment company. My cell phone finally rang and it was the interviewer and as I explained I was sitting in my car in the parking lot for the last 15 minutes trying to get a hold of someone to find out why it wasn’t working it was within minutes she had me on a new address which was very similar and the interview started.

I have my portfolio beside me and I was well prepared, I made the decision back in April 2017 that I will prepare myself for this opportunity and there’s no reason why I couldn’t move into a new career I want so badly. It isn’t as though I fell out of love with my current career because I can’t see myself not doing it as well. Even if I became a volunteer and committed so many hours a week to my endeavours and making people smile and making a difference in my community for fill their needs and my need for help others on a higher level. I feel it’s a need that I need to continue to fulfill

Inspiring people on social media, doesn’t pay my bills. As the BLOG becomes popular I may get some ads but that as well will not pay my mortgage. No doubt this world we have to work to make a living, but it’s when you make a living for filling your purpose. For some reason I thought this could’ve been my purpose or the door to it. I got off the interview more confident than I’ve ever been and I took a picture to show you how excited I was

478D3190-711F-4356-A628-7A8A85999A63.pngAlthough the interview was late I believe I made a good impression, answering everything honestly and intellectually I believed I had it in the bag.  Getting off the phone I vibrating with excitement as thoughts went through my head but the possible new chapter in the horizon. Weeks of gone by and I’ve been reflecting on my interview and not hearing anything from the recruiting company had me doubting my ability to make it to the third round. Already an important career, and achieving many awards in the community I would think that would be perfect Candidate to work with the government to help bring awareness and a new culture in the industry. My positive nature is infectious, and those who have worked with me, or just know me from my journey, know I am right for this movement. I guess it isn’t my time, yet.

Who ever ends up with me , will be very fortunate to have me on their team. Until then I will honour my gift to daily change the lives of the seniors I call My family through my endless love. In hopes that my journey with Cannabis and inspiring those continue to thrive ….


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