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Chapter 23: Jail

Coming to realize, that the drug use was not only proving to be a obstacle of the goals i set out for myself as well as I couldn’t afford it. Especially if saving money to buy a one-way ticket to fly myself to wherever I was going to study to be a correctional officer. It was more important in buying any magic mushrooms or a hit of acid to waste a night of fucked up lights or music. Reminds me of dancing in a cage in Winnipeg that summer as messed up on whatever what going that night! It was fun, yet not a lifestyle I wanted to continue. The been there done that already had set in, moving on to bigger and better things giving curiosity a run for its money.



Having friends that smoked pot, was a guarantee at some point someone around would have some to share.  I had two friends who preferred marijuana over alcohol any day, it didn’t compare them as cannabis was different for them. Judgment was around back then, it can’t be understood for those who wear blinders. Growing up learning about embracing change and opening doors to the unknown was exciting and rewarding. After smoking cannabis for the night we would never wake up the next day hung over feeling like a bag of shit, that’s probably the best advantage of cannabis there is. The plant actually has an ability to actually provide you a natural enjoyable experience if you find the right strains for you. Back in the 90s Weed was weed, Using it for recreational purposes we didn’t really care about what the label was or what medium it was grown in. The goal was to let loose and relax, living in a Bordertowne didn’t provide many opportunities for people to get involved in things to keep them from trouble, drugs or alcohol.


With the help of my social worker at the children’s aid Society, I decided to take my placement at the four Francis jail as I really believed I wanted to work in law-enforcement as I was already in trouble years prior as a criminal in learning about fingerprints in handcuffs. Working as an apprentice at the Fort Francis jail. It would provide an insight, on the activity inside a correctional facility holding criminals who should be there, which I found exciting. As a smoker I had to find out where I could take a smoke break, and off in the far corner of the jail was an area that housed three  separate inmates whom worked in the kitchen. Almost as if they were Segregated from the rest of the criminals as they were preparing maybe their way back into society? It didn’t matter to me, sitting on the plastic pail smoking my Export A cigarette so I spoke to the criminals about what they would do differently if they had an opportunity?

There was a 17-year-old naïve individual who had already felt as if she lived so much of your life, in desperate need of wanting to help. As it was the only thing that allowed me to feel alive. I told him the story about years prior of stealing a car, and those the conversation became more friendly I was whisked back up to the office to get back to filing. The dark side of the underworld had me filled with weird emotions as I wasn’t sure if it was the “right” career choice. Coming to learn that maturity are growing up comes with some confidence. With me is when I have my heart set on something it’s really hard for someone to tell me it isn’t the right career path I will have to learn for myself if there was something I can do.  Coming to learn that if you put your mind to something anything can be achieved, but there is one thing that wasn’t happening was my grades. Most colleges require a certain grade point average before being admitted into the school or known as acceptance. As a warning I have one year to get my grades up but it needed to start immediately. And with that advice The motion was made to apply myself so that college would be the vision I dreamt. To try, making something out of my life as I knew I didn’t have the backing up to parents Who were supposed to help me get there.


Coming to learn you should also never not take an opportunity that you know to change your life for the better and education is something I believe in getting. So there I was believing in a whole new way of thinking. Maybe there is such thing as success?

The girls are planning a trip to Mexico, almost celebrate graduation and although I wasn’t going to be graduating as I was one credit short,I had a one-way ticket to buy but I wasn’t sure what city will be two yet. I have an idea of where I wanted to go, and there was exciting to sit on the floor of my apartment and go through books of colleges that my agency picked up for me. The guidance counselor’s weren’t much help in high school. As they treated me like my reputation, like shit. Discrimination from a game of chess I was placed in the year 1977, and the game hasn’t been fun. What people don’t understand is you don’t always choose certain things, like having a mentally ill Mom, but she was “normal” loving and was a nurse taking care of people ?!? without the information equipped to understand and make proper decisions based on what you know can ultimately affect others and yourself. Leading to why am I always depressed it seems?!? Is this feeling normal? Is is a question I longed to know the answer too. Seeming every time I turn around something bizarre happens and I need to react. I don’t want to react, i this all to stop around me. The craziness, oddness with the feeling of living in a movie. I long for peace and serenity, is that possible in a world of noise? It is, it does exist, this place is in your mind. Getting there can be a long, exhausting powerful journey of road blocks, guilty thoughts and emotional struggles.  Learning the bizarre, is part of my life. Something I have embraced,  beneath every failure is a will to get back up and try again… a train ride across Ontario


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