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Maca , Canna Spiced Honey is a Winner

Dear diary,

Weekends should be the time or you can unwind, be yourself amongst your own environment. It doesn’t matter if you’re watching movies are listening to music, if you’re reading a sexy book like Fifty Shades of Grey to spice up your life or maybe learning how to cook with a special plant that a lot of people have stigma against including my own husband  even after 16 months. He don’t get it, and I’m starting to think he never will.  It doesn’t matter if you stop by the beer store or the LCBO, to pick up your spirits of choice to enjoy while you sit by the pool or enjoy your weekend up the lakes.? Or have some legal cannabis to consume or smoke? Does it matter? Wherever you find happiness, is all that matters and for the people around you as well. 3 years ago we got our dream, out in solitude. Now, again I sit contemplating yet again. What the fuck! I’m totally feeling this is borderline why people do stop trying! differences we can see eye to eye on but nothing has changed except for the better.


I have come to learn all about your limits and learning your limits on whatever behaviour going you’re going to take in if you look around you and open your eyes many people are blowing their money at the slot machines on the regular basis, there’s people who spend a fortune on fast food and eating out because you’re too lazy to cook spending a fortune but they could be may be contributing to their children’s education or maybe doing their bathroom renovation instead of taking the easy way out. Maybe learn how to cook, the slow cooker is a wonderful device by the way.

It’s no different with what I’ve done when I was on my knees, hoping for a miracle. I learned another skill, I took a bad experience into a healthy living journey of bettering myself.  See I’ve come to learn that when people have found out about my decision to blog about my experiences about life, cannabis as a medical patient and about my trials and tribulations of being a higher achiever. They see me different, taking behind my back and having their own opinions and beliefs about my decision to take this journey to help myself and now wanting to help others, legally. I had my own test subjects,proving I have a product worth finding a way to sell. My values haven’t changed, I believe they have strengthened my purpose here on earth. By giving the world a Birdseye view of what it’s like to be a medicinal cannabis patient, someone who works full-time for a living not he was sitting at home blogging about it. Just like anything I’ve had to adapt to change good and bad, this was nothing shy of amazing after was able to take my blinders off and face the truth. It’s a fact that this plant can work miracles on people who have depression and many other elements I will get into. Too much of a good thing also is effect with this: Being brave to open about it was the first step, and once people can drop their crappy attitudes about it when I realized they’re not perfect either opens up a world of opportunity for change.  Allowing me to take control of what I want to be exposed to going further in my life, such as negativity. Who wants that?


I’ve been second-guessing so much lately, because of this belief that all this is just part of the personality? What if it isn’t? as I start to ease into more in depth chapters of my life, looking all details of this personal autobiography, it’s just another thing that seems to find its way to me. This allows me to open up , in an environment safe for me to speak in. Faithful in believing it’s taking me down a rewarding , amazing road. It isn’t about druggies, looking for a high.

Daily I start to realize that it doesn’t matter what people think of me anymore, as I’m the same person as I was before my panic attack last year I’ve just made some changes in my life for the better meant of everybody and to my surprise it’s changed everything. Cannabis or not, I am still changing for the best in my personal goals and endeavours in way I engage during career hours or social media. Again Stigma and assumptions ruins lives …


Awakening to the sound of a rooster crowing, but the sound of the percolating coffee finishing this last but the steam awaiting its first cuppa coffee had me excited. This week was amazing, I’m settling more into my role in my career, even though I had a setback with my hopes being diminished to work for the new OCS stores opening in October in Ontario. An adventure  I was ready for a year and a half ago, taking the bull by the horn‘s. Learning it wasn’t meant to be, not yet anyway. I was actually excited to learn some more on a deeper level, which again makes me wonder where this road is leading. But every message encouraging me to continue further as I inspire them daily. That in itself, gives me a pep in my step. All my life I’ve inspire people in some way or another and more of the later chapters of my life. This new chapter is still unknown too many, I’m living and breathing it right now and it feels amazing to feel as the world is gleaming around you. It’s a feeling most people call the holy feeling, euphoria.


Since the hubby was away visiting family down around our neck of the woods, I thought I’d take the mini- oven out to the garage and decarbolate myself up some Nina Hybrid Maca honey spiced with Cardamon ,infused vanilla Bean some maple syrup and spend the day Infusing medicine. . A sweetener for any beverage infusion, hot or cold. Now I am excited! cleaning the house, dancing to music as I sampled it while the kids slept in had time to get the work in before they awoke. Allowed myself that “me” time i don’t get anymore, raising a family and taking care of property is work. Yet the smell of vanilla bean wrapped in cardamon, honey dripping canna leaves has me forgetting about work at the moment.


I can’t believe how amazing I felt after an hour after my coffee!! Maybe it  really is the honey? Because this stuff is a real winner, for therapeutic arousal and more , wink wink.  I don’t know if I’ve just stumbled on something or if that something stumbled on me, but boy am I more than excited to find out again tomorrow morning in my coffee by the pool … pondering my next move to bring this honey to life


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