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Maca Cardamon Infused Honey

Maca Cardamon Cannabis Honey

💥2 cups Unpasteurized Local Honey

💥1/4 cup Maple Syrup

💥 2 tbsp of shredded coconut

💥1 tsp of Cardamon spice

💥 1.5 tbsp Vanilla Extract Infused

💥4 TBSP Natural Lecithin granules, Note: not liquid

20 grams of decarbolated Cannabis Flower.

Decarb = activating plant material in oven for 30 mins at 240 degrees. Now it is ready for infusion (don’t miss this step)


🌱I used a Hybrid Nina from Peace Naturals an LP Out of Ontario.

Add into small slow cooker on low. Mix with a spatula. Checking and stiring a couple of times within an hour on the hour for 6 hours. 1 hour on low, 1 on warm , don’t over cook honey. Add to you favourite hot beverage or alone. On toast or ice cream This is amazing ❤️


In the early months of learning to self medicate for my anxiety, which was the one thing that stayed consistent. That was my moods, my thinking patterns and of course the happiness in me, after realizing Cannabis was the answer for my  conditions.

I love to craft honey, bake with Cannabis and anything that seems fun and edible. Why Not? I used to make all kinds of things back in the day, not infused but the idea is the same. Taking Maca which has been proven to help with libido, energy, anxiety, mood enchanter and menopause? Add that to my honey and this powerhouse not only adds to the benefits but it really does work. I used it years ago, funny how it is making a new appearance in my diet.


Taking infused Vanilla bean, adding it to any baked cookie or loaf, candies or honey adds a wonderful aromatic flavour of Madagascar. By taking half a cup of vodka or any food grade alcohol of choice. Decarb your desired bud, 2-3 grams works. After a visit to an oven, add to your mason jar. Take 3 split vanilla beans and the caviar of the bean, scrapped from the bean and added as well for greater infusion.


Finding Lemon Balm in the garden and adding some shredded coconut for added flavour depth was also a brillant choice. My taste buds crave flavour, and when erotic spices and dreamy ideas of a sweetener for any hot or cold beleveage had his lady happy.


The sweet sexy taste of Cardamon wrapped in vanilla , maple and cannabis flowers gave my salivary glands a magical surprise. It was worth the over night wait, as My coffee thanked me this morning. A wonderful way to enjoy a Sunday morning.


When time to strain, take 4 cup clean bowl, a cheesecloth lined sieve. Pour hot honey over sieve and using a scraper to remove honey off sides. Once all honey is out of cooker, press honey with a large spoon to strain your sweet treat. I like using gloves, take cheesecloth and gather ends to press the remaining honey from the cannabis flower,  stems, coconut pieces and little bits of reminants from your infusion mixture.


Place material in a bag, I will explain what we can do with that next time.

In the meantime, Stay Happy

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