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Chapter 24: New Years

With so many decisions, I was excited for what was in store for me, new chapter. It was an unnerving exhilarating moment, knowing I was headed on a solo road trip. Preparations are underway, and as the majority of my friends indecisive about their own future, enjoying lake life of a small town. Feeling as a lifetime has gone before us, undergoing dramatic life changes forcing me to mature quicker than I wanted to. I was scared , yet brave to go to Toronto alone. Having sometime to make a plan to execute for a better life, one shot deal with the C.A.S.

The last thing on my troubled manic mind Was anything to do with holding me down. Clearly unsuccessful in the relationship and love Field so far, it was time to spread my wings and take a big breath of southern Ontario air. This small town boarder girl was ready to embark on a journey thousands of miles away on the via rail train I would spend in deep thought as my eyes taken the landscape were most don’t travel time. Nothing but trees, rock and water. Bald eagles fly above and oblivious deer eat roadside.


Before that was to happen, Planning for a New Year’s eve keg party was in the works. No liquor licenses no nothing just got some tickets and started selling them. Once we realize we were able to buy enough gigs with the money we made we decided just to have a party, we rented Cabins and held one party there. As our DJ, yes we hired a DJ, and bought enough speed and dope to keep everyone happy and awake all night long. Boy we could a got ourselves in a lot of trouble, learning we really should’ve been doing that. What if somebody got killed on a snowmachine drinking and driving from the party that we were just hosting? When you’re young and foolish a lot of the wisdom that you later have in life isn’t present when making decisions. It seemed as though everyone had a great time , memories To laugh about it as they age.

After returning all the empties and cleaning what we could from the mass of a party the night before, and my head hurt from taking too many substances. Who is the guy I was kissing, I had never seen this guy before and he was down visiting that winter. He introduced himself to me, and as he felt that the place I offered to smoke the only join I had in my pocket which just so happen to be my snowsuit at the time. Everybody was outside riding around on the lake, as it was a perfect opportunity to celebrate the new year with a puff, a possible new outlook on life and a good looking man beside me. I wasn’t looking for anybody, but there he was. I got his phone number and as his flight left early in the morning you needed to leave. With a little pep in my step I made it back to the cabin to fill my girlfriend in on what just happened.


I kept the secret to myself most of my life of who this mystery man was, it was a relationship that was realistically meant to fail as long distance love had a reputation of loneliness, trust issues and stability. Hey, life has always been a gamble which I longed for the touch of a man, a need in the night. Which over the months we talked over the phone building an exciting friendship with benefits. The benefits that come with those amazing butterflies that awaken your abdomen with dances of fluttering euphoria. The thought of him also made me awaken senses of sex. Coming to learn that one of the colleges in the race for being my educator was a few hours away from his home. It was a perfect opportunity to maybe reconnect, when the train leaves for a ride to Sarnia Ontario.

Are you sure I’m ready for this? Is this something you really can do for yourself missy? So many doubts went through my head as I almost felt I didn’t have the privilege to getting to where I wanted to go due to what was against me.I could tell you how much was in my bank account at the time, but I know it wasn’t more than a few hundred dollars. At that time, being careless , angry and obnoxious as I haven’t learned coping mechanisms to what was happening around me. Unfortunately it was also a time. We’re partying and alcohol abuse was common and not look down upon. Many times we would head to her apartment to have a quick Labatts blue beer between classes. It is who we were, what we did. Things were going to different.

Much different, I’m sitting across from a man who looks like Charles Manson and I am freaking out, will he let me take his photo? We shall see, deep breathe I’m going to talk to him.


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