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Getaways are something that I look forward to every year, especially the one hosted by my husband’s place of work. Over the years, we’ve enjoyed a variety of resorts, excursions and last minute adventures. Getting away is something that’s very rare for us, working full-time and raising a family takes up the majority of our time. Not having someone to watch the kids such as parents or even grandparents wasn’t something available to us. Like many others you sacrifice to make do, with what you’ve been given in life. Now that the kids are older, and can go somewhere without having someone tied down to their every meal or diaper change is a blessing.


The Kingston 1000 Island sunset dinner cruise, with a variety of excursions to enjoy courtesy of my husbands S and A club is a night away we partake in and fully enjoy ourselves… Almost to our opportunity to have adult conversation, seeing new sights and take in new memories.


I still have social anxiety around alcohol, as it is a common practice, a practice I like to partake in. Due to my ability to consume alcohol under the influence of cannabis is also a recipe for disaster. I don’t have a shut off filter, and one glass of wine isn’t enough as it leads to bottles a week and thousands of headaches and calories later. I didn’t realize until I became a medical cannabis patient the connection between the two substances in the awareness needed especially if there’s any underlying issues (not dealt with) Can trigger a blackout, Crazy yet from behaviour that this lady exhibits. As most to my crazy  behaviour was under the influence of alcohol.  Behaviour that could lead me into a circus of activity perfect for a book, oblivious in nature or maybe the time kissing a lady with permission and liking it in NYC a few years back. Oh dear! That story is for a purchased book.

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Whispering to the bartender, that I was going to order a drink but to bring back a virgin so I didn’t have to answer any questions to the people around me. It’s weird as I feel like almost an outcast if I was the only one drinking spritzer water, yet I was laughing my ass off and enjoying my time as if I’ve had a glasses or two of wine To loosen me up. Relieving myself to go to the bathroom to sit on the toilette and Eat half a cookie Had me chuckling. Going up on the boat to smoke some marijuana really would be inappropriate at such a function, looking pretty splashy in my silver black and tan see-through pants, a beautiful see-through chiffon blouse with a satin under top surrounding silver jewellery had this lady feeling on top of the world. That is why medicating with edibles is amazing.


My husband in hand on a romantic night away was what I needed after the fast paced summer and career life. I’m sure nobody had a clue I was under the influence of edibles, and sometimes it’s your own paranoia, but it makes me smile. After Chris’ retrieved me from the upper deck to bring me my mock tail of frozen strawberries and purée, Some simple syrup which no was not infused the Cannabis (boy that gives me an idea) I smiled and gave him a wink. 


The boat offering a beautiful menu of food, fun entertainment, perfect mood lighting our evening was a splash. Having the rainbow trout reminded me of my mother in law, as one of my first trips to Cape Breton Island to meet my in-laws, they went and cut me a rainbow trout from the brook behind the house. Her kindness, of making me the best rainbow trout will be a memory I enjoyed last night. Normally having the chicken, I chuckled and said to myself “Let’s do something different, as I feel my energy and is in a good place right now”

I gently whispered in my ear, “you are on a good path of weight loss, go for the healthiest tonight” your skin, nails and hair will thank you from a dose of omegas as well. Since your glowing, keep up the momentum.


Enjoying some strawberry shortcake paired the best cuppa coffee during sunset as I realized “Don’t Worry Be Happy” was starting from the Entertainment stand. Smiling as I felt the positive vibrations running through my heartbeat of joy, calmness and where I felt sexy mind, body and soul. Getting to this place is an awakening I felt the music, in my veins, I wanted to dance but knew I would be the only one I wasn’t in the right environment to show that kinda weirdness. I chair danced and sung the lyrics out loud. Our entertainment kept the guests laughing and singing from costume outfit change to another. Renditions of Willy Nelson, Bob Marley and Dolly Parton was quite fun especially on edibles. Heightened the crazy, fun factor of Stand up Comedy. 


After a long walk back to our room at the Econo Lodge we were exhausted from air, food and fun.

All good things must come to an end, cobblestone walkways and patio mock tails was over, yet I was happy after finding many lost items along our adventure they made it back to their rightful owners and I was able to give Judith a hug after returning her expensive devices after losing her bag visiting her husband in the intensive care unit.  After arriving home from the hospital she was panicked  after her nap to realize her bag was missing. She wasn’t sure how she’s going till her husband that she lost his precious Apple iPad. Finding a dime a few minutes earlier allowed me to stop and pick it up and smile. It’s always an indication that my mom is with me so when I found the purse I’m glad it was me that found it consist of someone who may be dishonest as all the devices were unlocked and I was able to use them if I had chosen. 

Through my trial and error in life I’ve come to realize honesty is the best policy, as I believe two and it will come back to bite you in some form or another. As an added bonus you get to sleep good at night knowing you do the right thing. It makes you want to do more things right. 

As I sit in the truck and reflect about how amazing the weekend was, and to get a break from the monotonous of life I still couldn’t help but be sad to know that her husband was in the hospital. And how she was so willing to buy our dinner and pay for our hotel room, and I thought why would you praise me for doing what right fully human should do. Tomorrow on my lunch break I’m gonna go get a card, a card to send to do this in hopes that she tackles her husband‘s health concern she met someone who will forever remember her smiling face and story of humanity.


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