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Chapter 25: Sarnia

Welcome To Lady Edible

Sitting across from vinyl lined train bench’s, filled with men drinking beer and smoking cigarettes on the way to Sarnia for a colleges open house. Awaiting a decision about my future to which college I would attend for a Law and Security program. It be a long two years of studying, but I am envision city life, people and music. I was just getting comfortable with learning the importance of a good education and good grades, applying yourself to the fullest for your advantage wasn’t something that was being taught at home. Not to me it seemed anyway. I even think I asked one time if I was adopted, as even at the age of 17 I felt different and alone.


My outgoing nature, ability to talk to people was a quality a lot of people long for. Effortlessly making aquatinces around every corner, called alleys. Those in your corner…

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