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I can’t get the church out of my head, I’m dreaming about it in my sleep I feel as if everything is happening for a reason. And there are signs everywhere that I shouldn’t ignore. I feel a positive shift in my career life As I believe I was born to fly. I never stop learning, or believing there is something bigger than all of us here on earth. I truly believe that church will be mine someday soon, and if that doesn’t happen I can say that it clearly was the cannabis for the last year and a half. But I am vision is something pretty remarkable. I can feel it, I can ❤️


I honestly believe that the REAL true day when I had committed to making sure that I took care of my social, mental, physical and emotional well-being once and for all. Was the day this idea was born. I was sick and tired of the lies and bullshit stories I would give myself, excuses to drink more, emotionally eat or Become a closet smokers. I believe I have felt every addictive element to my personality. I feel as though I’m on even keel or I don’t need to be a high achiever on a regular basis, as that does become mentally exhausting trying to find the next turn in your developing story. Whether or not the church becomes a patient helping patient. Edible B and B establishment in the heart of the  Kawarthas. Before any of that could be done I will be drawing up a proposal to be taken to the municipality in which I live, to show them the people behind me in this adventure and I know there’s hundreds and there’s more all the time.



To some that may seem far-fetched, To me it seems a perfect gig 2 km from my home. People want to hire me, utilize my talents and skills.  I have spoken to a few people recently in the industry, and it’s not so far-fetched if I’m talented, have a story and who’s willing to help other people and go against the grain which is something I’ve always done. A side of me that’s extremely compassionate, eager to help the elderly I’ve been doing it all my life and it’s my first passion. The needy, which I have been doing for since 09/21/1998. Pursuing many passions is a blessing to me as my love can be spread in many important roads such as foster care, suicide awareness and children and seniors living in safe and clean environments.  That is something I’m still going to pursue no matter where my roads go.

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Getting the go ahead for an amazing place to help people in our community’s would Be a dream come true. 10% of money earned through this venture would generously benefit our small community here. In the ever evolving world of cannabis, craft edIble makers can work and do some amazing things. I can craft some of the best Canadian Maple Honey infused with medicinal cannabis. In the future, starting in 2019 I will be making home three hives with bees included to pollinate my orchard here on 22 acres. As I work through the paperwork to become a designated grower for other patients, I’m enjoying the process in hopes it doesn’t go too quickly as a fine time is already passing me by. Maybe nothing will become of it,  Maybe I will just inspire people to think outside the box and go with it regardless to see were it may take you. It may take me somewhere totally amazing, it already has. You’re reading my stuff… so Thank You


Stay Happy

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