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Maple Vanilla Infused Magical Butter

Infused butter, possibly one of the most popular methods of infusing your cannabis into a medium for baking. Butter must be one of the top three items used in the kitchen, it’s perfect for cookies, cakes and candy. After I realized edibles was perfect for me, the magical butter machine was the first thing I purchased.

After maple syrup season I decided to make some maple butter to put on my sweet potato, or cinnamon raisin bread.

Since the creative mood has sparked to make some caramels and other goodies In the upcoming month I had all the ingredients kicking around to put together and infused version of the original.

After making myself a cuppa coffee I decided to get the ingredients together to put together myself a base for my next edible adventure.

29861F64-AA83-4DE0-AC23-782A0089988D.jpegYou will need a 1 pound I’ve clarified butter, by doing so it provides an opportunity for a better infusion. Adding 2 tablespoons of Lecithin to the MB2 machine gives another level of agents to bind together. Add both to unit.

Take a quarter cup of natural maple syrup, local if you can find it. I have one full teaspoon of vanilla extract (I used my own infusion of V.E)

Oh here’s the fun part, make sure your buds are or have been Decarbolated to active to CBD and THC in your Cannabis Flowers.

Are use a Betty Crocker conventional oven outside, set the oven at 240° And place material in over for 30 mins. Once done immediately place in deep freeze for 15 mins. I like the strength it seems to give to the material.. science !!!! It’s awesome, and Fascinating.

Add your bus to the rest of the ingredients and set your machine to 9CA51476-6FF5-465B-8061-9E8910465532.jpeg

The machine is pretty easy to use. By choosing the two hour better option, at the 160°F temperature is perfect. You have two hours to do what you need and it does all the work which is fabulous.

Use the two hour Butter option. The recommended 160 degrees F. button.

Make sure you have yourself a bowl, a spatula, and whatever clean dry container you plan on putting your butter in nearby. I always find a little bit of prep work can alleviate unnecessary stress when you’re A) in a rush or B) hoping you don’t wake the kids…

Can come in handy, as this is a job you need to work quick. Putting it in the fridge labelled “adults only” is crucial so your children don’t touch it. If they are old enough ,  Make sure you have that conversation with them. I have I’m more than one occasion.

no different than the “beer” talk or anything requiring maturity. Again awareness is key for not messing up. Edibles, should always be marked and away from children.

After Settling in the fridge to cool and marinate in maple flavour it’s ready, it’s delicious and just the perfect amount of maple and vanilla.

Adding a sprinkle of cinnamon and brown sugar to my infused snack… I will -be chasing rainbows in 45 mins…


1 pound salted butter , clarified

7- 28 grams of Cannabis Decarbolated

1/4 cup maple syrup

2 tbsp Lecithin

1 tbsp of Vanilla Extract (infused)


sprinkle of Cardamon and cinnamon

Makes 2 1/4 cups of infused maple butter

keep cold and use in all your recipes!

Stay Happy


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