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Just a Girl and Her Rabbit,

I can still remember the first smell of her angora fur, White as snow and soft as satin. She was a stunning rabbit, her albino rarity and pink eyes were a show stopper. I thought it will be the best 15 years ever, I didn’t think she would be taken so soon.


My family of four head just returned from our first trip to Cuba, we had never been there before As many of our family vacations have been catering to each others Hometown visits as well as a  camping trip here and there. The kids are getting older we thought we take a seven day visit and some R&R. It was my first year working on recreation therapy, Focussing on sensory simulation and certain programming to help calm people down for whatever reason it may be..

Walking up the hall I can hear my name frantically being screamed as I turned around it was one of the gentleman who would grace my presence every single day I was around with a smile and a story. “Where have you been” he said, we thought you were lost. We chuckled as I rarely take time off to do “fun stuff” As we reminisced about my trip to Cuba and how much I loved the culture, I can tell by the frantic body language and unsteady voice there was something he needed me for. “I need your help” his big eyes went slanted in concern“ you’re the best person for the job.” 

I spent time listening to his story, a grandfather in despair. His daughter had gone out and her daughter wanted this white Angora rabbit with pink eyes. On impulse the rabbit was living in the white laundry basket, temporarily awaiting a trip to the nearest Humane Society.


That can’t happen I told him, as he begged him pleaded me to take the rabbit I sympathetically told him my husband may not approve. Overcome by emotion it didn’t matter to me if you did or didn’t the rabbit was going to end up in some bush somewhere and I could’ve done something to stop it. I was the right person to take care of this rabbit, I would do things with this rabbit that no one would ever think of.

Starting out in therapy I thought it be a perfect opportunity to utilize her in my career, resulting in such an amazing sensory program. She will bless the lives of many, resulting in many smiles and calming cuddles without even knowing the impact she would mentally, emotionally and even physically YES! She had on humans she encountered with..

Gently nuzzling and licking their face, was a sure sign she was in the right job. Her impact was more than a visit, she was wished upon,  as people widely anticipated her return for another self-esteem booster or just some calming therapy. She loved to be petted and cuddled and will buzz around your feet with desire.

She was one of the best rabbits I’ve ever had the only rabbit I ever have had.3B05B138-53B0-4333-82CA-479C8408BC16.jpegShe was one of the best rabbits I’ve ever had the only rabbit I ever have had.  I’ve taken her everywhere, to every private clients home, into two nursing homes and have won the hearts of many.  I would lay on the floor many times, during her free run times and with Lance snuggle up next to me. I gave her love every single day faithfully from the day I made a commitment to take her. Just like anything I make a commitment with I will for fill the commitment until I am no longer needed.    Caught and taught me patience, and she also taught me the importance of a cold rabbit ear to the neck. I will miss her buzzing sensation around my feet, there will never be another rabbit like her. Cotton passed away today of unknown reasons peacefully in her cage. I’m sure Zoey, munchkins, Meeks welcomes her with open arms, Cotton is a reminder above average human I am. It’s the consistent love I give every day with no expectations in return.

I love you Cotton, my heart will heal in time… bounce on my little honey bee


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