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It’s September 11, the day after Connor’s 13th birthday. It was a great day it was amazing to see smiles on his face. The weather has changed and it’s cold in the rain against the window lets me know sweater weather has arrived. Another thing that’s trying to arrive and settling in for a long stay: something called seasonal affective disorder. 

This year I’m gonna do my best to not allow  Mother Nature to take over me as She got ahold of me last fall. Depression and S.A.D seem to go hand-in-hand. I often look forward to the changing of the seasons as fall is my favourite time of year. It always has been, the smell of the year the crisps of the leaves the changing of the colours of the trees of our landscape around us. It’s almost a rebirth if you look at it every season with new possibilities new colours.

I’ve been struggling with my personal growth, which most people who are high achievers usually do. I’ve never met anyone like me, I have achieved some pretty phenomenal things so far in my life. Some people wouldn’t know how to sell a house, even with education. I have sold two of our past houses by myself and less than three weeks, no real estate education. Just a smart cookie, with a will to succeed covered by a drive worthy of success. Saving thousands and thousands of dollars in real estate commissions which went towards our next dream house, my husband and I both moved to Peterborough with just a cardboard box filled with pictures, trinkets and personal items. With no help from Anyone.

I’ve stepped on stage and the expense of sparkly bikini showcasing my hard earned work of body molding. Some people told me oh used to be able to bounce a quarter off my ass. Stepping on stage, was another reflection of my dry the will to succeed in everything I put my mind to.

A few years ago facilitating a wonderful Christmas party for the women shelter raising thousand dollars for the children of the shelter so they can have a wonderful Christmas. I was able to get all the pizzas donated from Pizza Hut, the smiles and the looks on the children’s faces and the gratitude the mother showed in response to empathy and compassion is what keeps my fire fuelling.

Anyone.those are just a few things off the top of my head to remind you about how us humans are so capable of doing more than what we can do.

I don’t know what’s in store for this lady, but all I know as I’ll be doing my best to alter the way people look at humans, cannabis and show the world there’s no excuse to not be great regardless of what you have been dealt with, suffer from and run away from.

I used to run, Run from everything that haunted me. Once I stopped running and faced everything head on, becoming extremely nervous anxious and uncomfortable is where I changed and became innovative. More innovative and passionate than I’ve ever been in my life and that’s pretty high, to be continued

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