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I hope this finds you Frances Valintine ❤️

Dear Frances,

I’m sitting here thinking about you right now, at the most weirdest time of my life. The dogs barking at the neighbor, and the chips of the hens clucking around the yard is distracting me with “what I want to tell you.”  I feel as if I’m going to pass out, my heart is racing I can feel it beating I’m cold, and my hands are starting to get clammy. It’s 818. My God

I’ve never been one to carry an expensive handbag, Lord knows I’ve never been able to afford one full price. I often dreamt of what it would be like your Mom. Stylish, eclectic lightbulb in the room kind a woman. I was jealous of her success, not in a creepy way. She’s an individual I looked up to for her role as a woman finding a niche in the world. It’s so happen to be simple, beautiful handbags for the women. I have found a niche is well, helping women with cannabis.


The day I found out your mom cannot take it on this earth any longer, the hell she was living in. Brought me to my knees, and pain I don’t think you can understand how I felt that day. Anyone will tell you I’m one of the most empathetic individuals they’ve ever met, so may call me a healer, I call myself broken yet awaken..soul.

Because I lost my mom to mental illness and defeat, she was a victim of the system unfortunately but it makes no difference. She was a human being with a heart, looking for help in reaching out to the wrong areas. If I wasn’t in my own state of mental distress I would’ve been able to help my mom, I was too busy drinking and doing drugs and breaking the law, as I went into denial and anger of my moms hopelessness. I never realize my mom was sleeping in alleys in eating garbage, your decades before she was a loving nurse at the hospital give him the shirt off her back.

My parents also divorced when I was nine, and I was confused about everything, including why my mom was so sick. The pain of losing your mom, will never go away. You will have memories to cherish, and a legacy to live on. For me when I lost my mom, the pain was so dark the only thing that I can do to get out of it was to help others in anyway I could. That also included giving away some of my last dollars, Sitting on the streets with homeless people, hearing their stories as I bought their lunch, it’s the stories of delivering hot chocolate and cookies during a cold winters day to those begging for money, or recently bringing dozens of hot cheese and bacan potatoes From Wendy’s to a rooming house, poorer than you can ever imagine. And I lived and walked in those holes where those poor souls live. And it breaks my heart.


Within days of your mom’s death, there is a beautiful pink and black Kate Spade purse on A Facebook auction site, and lo and behold I bought it. When I wear your mom‘s purse, I feel it gives me strength to continue to write my book. It’s called panic; there is hope after a life of trauma. If you ever feel alone, no matter if it’s 10 or 20 years from now, and your life has changed directions And you find yourself maybe lost and you don’t know who to talk to.? I want you to call me, I will drop everything to help you. Or anybody else who is in a state of panic. The only person I’ll ever buy and where is a Kate Spade. I think the company should offer so many dollars other proceeds of their handbags to mental health in the United States of America and Canada here. We need more awareness, we need more education and we need more crisis help. The answer is not a pharmaceutical prescription, it’s deeper than that. It’s called not let’s anyone die because of it. I am trying to do what it takes to spread that message. Just know you’re in my heart wherever you are, and I feel the tears that fall from your face. That’s the downsides of an empath, sending you love.

Ps. I’m from a small town called Fort “Frances” ❤️🙏🏻


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