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church and rainbows

So many people want to know what my secrets are, all my life I’ve inspire people to always try and go above and beyond the norm of the status quo of humanity. From weight loss in my Inside Fitness magazine days and years of intense diet and training ending in injury.



Yesterday after reading a review on my page of inspiration and how I’ve let the light in someone’s life, I walked into Sunday mass on Thanksgiving morning to hear the echos of Hail Mary, Full of grace, and my mother-in-law’s voice was as clear as day. It was as if my in-laws were With us in church. As I sat down to Neil and say my prayers and forgiveness as I’m not perfect either I can remember the hardwood floors, Kneeling on the floor at my in-laws house in Cape Breton Island. 


My first trip with my engaged man, and his lady to the East Coast to meet the parents. I wasn’t used to this type of lifestyle, and I was awkward in the way I prayed and I didn’t know the words. I can remember opening my eyes to look around the room to see everybody in deep silence of solitude with our heavenly fathers prayer. I then knew how a family of 12 individual stayed strong. My husband is the 10th child, he also wasn’t a planned pregnancy. That’s pretty much all we have in common, minus a few “major” details.❤️

It was the first time in my life I felt safe, under a roof blessed by the love of family. The love and the support witnessed over the last two decades came rushing in yesterday at Mass, liberating what I’m thankful for in life. Reaching into my beloved Kate Spade purse, I pulled out all the change I had to go like three candles up at the altar. Nobody wanted to come with me to be a spectacle at the front, as I adjusted my dress, I needed candles to light.


As the service went on, it had been a while since I have been put in the presence of holiness. And lo and behold instead of a Thanksgiving blessing the priest decided to talk about marriage. And the importance of taking care of it. My husband grabbed my hand and as I looked over he started to cry. I had never seen my husband cry like that in church. The moment we had at the doorstep yesterday morning hit home. As I needed to tell him something, so important I couldn’t wait.


Brian, has been the best thing that’s ever happened to me. And I’ve taken him for granted during my periods of mental illness; forgetting some times to stop and remember everything he’s done to make sure I’ve been successful in my life. Meeting him at the perfect moment, although the change wasn’t instant it was the beginning of a 22 year journey so far. Ironically we haven’t called our farm acre 22, and we have for almost 4 years now.

I now understand true love in a few different ways. Ways discussed in the book, as I prepare to make it ready I can feel the tingling of cold running through my body from the adrenaline, and excitement of telling my story.

I honestly believe in fate, hard work and never giving up on something That is important.  This morning during my morning infused coffee, I watched a video about a man doing random acts of kindness for no reason, sharing it on Facebook with million views or so. That’s where I learned the meaning of altruism, something I’ve been doing since my mom died in hopes to brighten the world. It’s been a consistent dance to a drum that only a few people can hear. The drum seems to be getting a little louder, and I think people are now beginning to believe in kindness at a greater level. We shall see over the rainbow.

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