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One of my biggest problems is sometimes second guessing one of life‘s biggest decisions. Due to the fact that the majority of mine, always seem to be the wrong one. It took me a long time to decide to come out of the closet. I knew it would be bad, I knew I would be judged, ridiculed, ending up alone anyway. I didn’t realize how hard it has been. I’ve been shunned, by people who I thought I knew were in my corner. Boy, what a wake up call. We are living in a society, vocalizing unity and all trying to get along. Where are you love who you love and it’s OK, it doesn’t matter what race you are or what country you’re from we are all human, walking each other home. Love always wins.



The kicker about this whole story is no one truly knows if I’m on cannabis or not. The majority of the time my mood, personality or workout thick has never changed. Most people must’ve thought being a cannabis patient I wouldn’t be able to do their job better than they could, or keep my house cleaner than the other persons, or be able to sit down and do homework at night without a struggle. Yeah people are sitting around their house drinking alcohol all seven days of the week, messy house  and not a soul bats an eye. Yet, because choosing to not be embarking on those festivities, brings out judgemental people and that’s not right. That is wrong, end of story.

Even with my foot problem with everything I’ve been through no one can find anything wrong with what I’m doing. So as if I am under a microscope in all areas of my life, nitpicking and bizarre questions which is so unfair. Which brings me to the fact that why did I even open up and say anything? Why did I try? It seems the squeeze my not be worth losing it all? Great!


Why did I even care to share the information, that making a product literally that changed my whole life was in my hand. Totally making me such a normal person, whatever normal is. Where I felt happy in my own skin, and the cards that I was dealt with. There could be no psychiatrist, Dr. or treatment to take away the pain that I have endured and can’t forget unfortunately. Not dwelling on the past, yet blessed with nonsense luck.

With my own treatment, and self-help, mental health awareness course as well as my current education/practice in this i allowed me to make a conscious decision to change my whole life around. I had already experienced so much more than most people will never in a lifetime. Finally believing if it wasn’t for cannabis I would’ve died probably by suicide while I was drunk under the influence of different drugs the doctors have tried to help my depression go away. Following again down a dark road like my late Mom. I’ve been running from demons my whole life. Beating each odd gracefully.

Honestly, going against my husband‘s wishes was the best thing I ever did for myself. I was afraid of losing at all, but I was willing to lose everything that I worked hard my whole life or just to feel better.But I didn’t realize that this plan would help me with my OCD, alcohol abuse and nicotine addiction which I have won the battle an all 3 in 20 months … That’s something to celebrate in itself. I am sober and have chosen the cannabis lifestyle. Little did I know about CBD at the time, and the certain Terpenoids that can help with relaxing my stressful system, and with other work required such as self-esteem courses, or getting involved in some exercise groups to correlate with your plant therapy is what I recommend. Who knew there was hundreds of different strains and I ate over 50 ounces I counted to date..with honey of course … knowIng it’s a miracle plant.. I continued with caution at first. Never realizing the culture of the industry yet, I’m just a country bumpkin chasing chickens and rainbows.

Some people would probably think I voted for Justin Trudeau, the reality is I didn’t vote for any of them. At that time I even didn’t care, I was too busy downing a bottle of wine whenever I could. Which packed on 246 pounds of Mitzi. With a combination of a Chaga drink and cannabis I started to melt pounds.. at a rate of 2 pounds a week.. I did change my eating habits but that’s in the book; it’s nothing you can imagine I learned. All I know, is I can’t wait to tell you.

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