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Tree poem 2012

I view myself as a tree, in the past I was a old tree, withered from the effects of the environment and not being cared for….the branches got weak , the leaves were dry and brittle showing signs of age quickly….eventually the tree needs to be taken down due to age and it dies inside..that was me….
Then a young new tree needs to be planted and given the proper love to flourish, this is me….given clean nutrition and watered daily for growth. The tree is planted in a foundation of support and has strong roots. With out these important factors the tree can’t grow strong and healthy. As the tree matures, the branches grow out and adds character and shows the abundance of leaves. When you add sunshine (positive) energy the tree flourishes and grows according to the life cycle.

nature red forest leaves

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Through the effects of the environment determines ow this tree will last in this lifetime….If it is exposed to negative energy such as poor environment or will not thrive… this is me… Where you plant this tree will also determine the outcome…how is the support around it…where is the shied to prevent it falling over from a storm or extreme weather…You want this tree to last for years to come everyone can enjoy its beauty. For all the season”s this tree will en dour, it stands tall and strong to conquer what mother nature is throwing at it……immersing in the sunshine and sprouted new leaves (ideas) every spring…..its a miracle to watch it grow every season…every cycle…to see how this tree will turn out…and if really watch it closely you will watch the colours change in the beauty of fall…and shed its old leaves…in exchange for new ones in the coming year…..and if you plant this tree where others can watch the growth unfold others will appreciate the beauty as well.


written 2012 Mitzi

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